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Why Community Matters: Choose A Flight School You Connect With

Flight School

Do you want to become the best pilot possible? There are many things that make a flight school worth working with, from costs to safety to aircraft quality and so on. But one of the most overlooked components of a worthy flight school is something you may not have thought of – the sense of […]

The Best Aspects Of Joining A Program At A Private Part 61 Flight School

Private part 61 flight school

If you’re considering obtaining a private pilot license to soar the skies, there are plenty of ways to go about completing the necessary education. The three most popular options, however, include going into the military, attending a university or college, or working with a private part 61 flight school. While each path has its own […]

Top Benefits Of Attending Accredited Flight Schools

Top Benefits Of Attending Accredited Flight Schools

When you’re debating signing up at an accredited flight school, there are a few things to consider before taking off on your new training adventure. For those who are pursuing a career in the world of aviation, this type of program is a good way to achieve certain types of certification that can set you […]

How To Choose An Aviation School For Your Flight Instructor Training

Flight Instructor Training

When you’re trying to find the right flight instructor training organization, there are a few qualifications you should seek out in order to feel confident in your decision. Becoming a CFI is an adventure all its own, and after you’ve graduated from a training program, you’ll be able to make money teaching others how to […]

First Steps in Becoming a Pilot: Tips On Choosing The Right Flight School

Becoming a Pilot

The best flight schools will help you achieve your desired level of pilot certification effectively and efficiently. But how can you tell the difference between a highly qualified flight school vs. a sub-par flight school? Let’s explore a few tips on choosing the right flight school so you can feel confident in your decision. Consider […]

The Top Cities For Flight Schools In MN

Top Cities For Flight Schools In MN

Searching for the best flight school MN has to offer? There are several fantastic cities around our state that are home to some of the best flight training centers around – from the bustling Twin Cities to the beautiful North Shore to the river valleys of the east to the wide-open plains of the southwest. […]

What Type Of Lessons Are Covered In Pilot Ground School?

Pilot Ground School

When trying to obtain a pilot license, one aspect of your training includes pilot ground school, where you’ll “hit the books”. This portion covers important lessons that can’t be learned behind the yoke. While the act of flying is something that’s undoubtedly important to the learning process, ground school is equally as important in rounding […]

How Much Does Flight School In Minneapolis Cost?

Flight School

For those Minnesotans who have always wanted to become a pilot, soaring through the clouds, high above the landscape below, the first step is to find a flight school in Minneapolis that offers high-quality services at a great rate. The price for a pilot license can vary wildly, so a solid budget plan will help […]

Benefits Of Learning To Fly At A Certified Cirrus Training Center

Certified Cirrus Training Center

Those pilots who want to make the transition from lack-luster aircraft to the best small airplanes in the world should consider signing up at a flight school that’s an authorized Cirrus Training Center (CTC).  While traditional manufacturers like Cessna and Piper have conventionally dominated the small airplane market, that’s no longer the case. Once a […]

Tips On Choosing The Best Minnesota Flight School

Best Minnesota Flight School

Flight schools in Minnesota are some of the best in the country – specializing in every type of training from simple sport, recreation, and private pilot licenses to more complex certifications like flight instructor, advanced airline transport pilot and so much more. With such a wealth of training programs, it’s easy to see why Minnesota […]