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Regional Airline Pilots: Training Cost vs. Salary

For many, a career with a regional airline is an attractive entry point into the aviation industry. Regional airlines offer opportunities for pilots to gain flight experience, build flight hours and work their way up to larger airlines. However, with the high cost of flight training, it’s important that you consider the potential return on […]

Cost Of Flight Training vs. Salary Earnings: Is It Worth It?

Becoming a pilot is a rewarding career, but it also requires a significant investment in flight training. Aspiring pilots may wonder what kind of return on investment they can expect from their training expenses and whether the costs are worth it in the long run.  To help you make an informed decision about your career […]

Fight The Pilot Shortage: Steps To Take After High School

Are you someone who’s always wanted to take to the skies and become a pilot? The aviation  industry is currently facing a major challenge – a shortage of pilots. Airlines are struggling to find enough qualified individuals to meet the growing demand for air travel and fall out from the pandemic, among a host of […]

15 Reasons To Join Inflight’s Private Pilot Training Program

When it comes to learning to fly, your choice of school and instructor will be perhaps the most important decision you make. This is because a good CFI makes the learning process fun and easy. As you start out with the private pilot license (PPL) training process, you’ll find that your instructor is someone who […]

Private Jet Pilot: Training Cost vs. Salary

Flying a private jet is an exhilarating and rewarding experience, but in order to do so requires a significant amount of training, certification and experience. From obtaining a private pilot license to building up your flight hours to becoming commercially certified, there’s a lot to learn and accomplish before you can take the controls of […]

Optimize Your Flight School Expenditures For Maximum Future Payout

The price of flight school is one of the biggest concerns among aspiring pilots. Whether you’re starting out at the private pilot level or are onto bigger licensing endeavors, like certified flight instructor or airline transport pilot, you must always consider costs compared to return on investment. If you’re trying to maximize your financial future, […]

Benefits Of Community & Connection In Challenging Times

The power of community and connection cannot be underestimated in times of challenge. Throughout flight school, there may be times where you’re pushed to your limits – however, with the right level of support, whether from instructors, flight staff or other students, you’ll have a better chance at navigating these challenges and rising above them. […]

Top Hobbies That Are Sure To Make You Smarter & Happier

Hobbies are a great way to relax and unwind after a long day, but did you know that they can also make you smarter and happier? That’s right – engaging in hobbies that challenge your brain and provide a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment provides a range of cognitive and emotional benefits, both personally and […]

Major Airline Pilots: Training Cost vs. Salary Return

Like the engines of an airplane, pilots are the driving force behind the commercial aviation industry – and flying airliners is undoubtedly one of the best jobs in the world. Major airlines often invest significant amounts of money to recruit and train pilots, with the expectation that they will provide reliable and safe flights for […]