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I completed my private pilot license with Inflight. The instructors were top notch, had a fantastic affordable ground school, and the planes are kept in great condition.

guy-face_03Mitch Williams

In the past year I’ve completed both my private pilot and instrument rating with Inflight. They have lots of instructors and planes available which is important if you have a busy schedule and want to book a lesson last minute.

Ryan Vaudreuil

From my first phone call until earning my private pilot license, my experience was positive with Inflight Pilot Training!  I appreciated the reservation system as I can book a plane and/or instructor on my computer 24/7. Check out Inflight for your flight training.

Marty Wheeler

Inflight is an amazing flight school! I got my instrument rating with Jeremy, and it was an awesome experience. I found it challenging, but getting to work with him one on one made complex topics much easier to understand.

Ian Maret

I had started my flight training 18 years ago and never finished. I came to Inflight this past winter to resume my training. The instructors helped me come up with a plan to get me finished up quickly. They were great to identify the areas I was proficient at and the areas where I needed to improve. Along with easy scheduling and quality aircraft make Inflight a fantastic flight school!

Nick Bjornberg

Good instructors/facilities, and the iPad-equipped aircraft are very nice. I moved here just before completing my training and they were very helpful getting me familiar with the area and finding a good examiner for my checkride.

Nikolas Pardoe

Well maintained aircraft with patient and well trained flight instructors. Best flight school in the twin cities.

Paul Redman

Whether you’re just starting out, adding a rating or building proficiency, Inflight Pilot Training is your best bet. Time building in cost effective 152’s, IFR training in a brand new Sim, complex training in the piper arrow, G1000 fun in the 2017 Cirrus. They cover all the bases.

Eric Pittman

Im getting my private pilot license at Inflight and loving it! Great planes, great technology, well organized, well maintained aircraft, fantastic instructors, and nice facility. Safety is a top priority and I look forward to continuing my aviation journey at InFlight!

Daniel Moshe

Very knowledgeable flight instructors that are easy to contact when I need help on flight instruction and guidance. The airplanes are well maintained. Scheduling of instructors and aircraft is easy.

AJ Gillespie

I’m a new transfer student mid private Cert training from a 141 in Colorado. They were one of the only greater MSP area schools to be willing to work with my previous training and have been phenomenal. They teach/train at what ever pace you want, whether fast or slow, its at your ease.

Lea Harris

I feel like I got lucky with Inflight! Just last fall I was completely new to aviation and had no idea how I could make my dreams of becoming a professional pilot come true.

Carly Davidson

Fly Yourself to the Cabin

What makes inflight unique is our culture. Pilot training is more than a hobby for us — it’s a passion. Here, you’ll develop personal relationships with the instructors and pilots as they guide you through a custom-tailored flight

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Fly On your own Schedule

Stop wasting time in airport security with long lines and large crowds. Get up in the air on your own schedule and start completing your bucket list.

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Fly for a new Adventure

Our goal at Inflight is to make aviation more widely available to the people of Minnesota. Learning to fly means you can have an adventure when ever the time is right for you. Choose your destination and take off!

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  • 22 hours ago by Inflight Pilot Training

    Inflight Pilot Training
    115 years ago today, Wilbur and Orville Wright took the first ever powered airplane ride. It lasted around a total of 12 seconds. It's easy to focus on the advancements of technology and forget the challenges that so many faced. Today, we celebrate Wright Day and remember all that the Wrights did to make the unthinkable a reality.
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    21 hours ago
    What I love is that men in those days always dressed like gentlemen. Even pics I’ve seen of Harley and Davidson in there shop dressed very dapper working on those bikes
    17 hours ago
    That’s some good writing.
  • 1 day ago by Inflight Pilot Training

    Inflight Pilot Training
    Any snowboarders here?!
    10 Adrenaline-Pumping Snowboard Destinations in the U.S. | Inflight Pilot Training
    1 day ago
    Thats Big Sky/Moonlight.
  • 2 days ago by Inflight Pilot Training

    Inflight Pilot Training
    Is there such a thing as too much technology?
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    1 day ago
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    Inflight Pilot Training
    We hope you all have a great weekend filled with lots of flying! Where are you headed?
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    3 days ago
    Voyager Village and Two Harbors

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