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We have the most experienced and customer-oriented flight instructors in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and we’ve built our entire reputation on it.


Cirrus Standardized Flight Instructor Pilots & Training Center Instructors are available. If the instructor has CSIP or TCI in their profile of qualifications they are Cirrus qualified
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  • Instruction 1-8 hours in length is billed at the hourly rate. 8-12 hours in length is billed at a full day rate. Instruction in excess of 12 hours is again billed at the hourly rate. All instructor incidentals (meals, hotel, transportation) are also invoiced if exceeding 12 hours.
  • Cancellation notice: Any appointment cancelled less than 24 hours ahead of time will be charged a cancellation fee of two hours instructor time and up to half of the reserved aircrafttime.
  • Our flight instructors are employees and not independent contractors. Our staff undergoes thorough background checks, rigorous initial flight standardization, recurrent safety training, and are paid far above the industry average which ensures you a SAFE and FUN experience.
Flight Instructors in Minneapolis, Minnesota

We utilize a proprietary Inflight Matching Method™to ensure that you match with the best possible instructor for your specific learning style and personality. We are the pioneers of this powerful tool and it helps our student success rate tremendously. Inflight has a 94% success

first-time checkride pass rate and this is one of the many reasons why. We care about your investment and we show it with our customer focused flight instructor group in Minneapolis, Minnesota.



Dan has been a leader and integral part of Inflight. He brings a long career in aviation

that started back teaching Instrument students at IFT at the MSP INTL Airport. He also served as a factory demonstration pilot for Bellanca Aircraft for many years. With over 12,000 hours of flight time, Dan has more than 5 decades as an Aviator. He has a vast amount of knowledge to share! Dan is available part-time to do simulator work for IFR students, flight reviews, aircraft owner recurrent training, and technical ground lessons. He also holds the prestigious Master Pilot award from the FAA and is a lifelong flight instructor.


Oscar grew up in Mexico City and caught the aviation bug when he was 8 years old.

While on a flight to Cozumel, Mexico, Oscar was invited to visit the cockpit of a Boeing 727 and ever since then, he knew he wanted to be a pilot. After receiving his Bachelors in Tourism and Economics, he moved to Cancun, Mexico where he worked in the hospitality industry. Even though he was successful in his career, Oscar always knew aviation was what he wanted to do. He would spend hours on his flight simulator and learning about aviation on his own. He started training with Inflight while still working full-time, being a husband, and father. He’s excited to be able to help others fulfill their dreams of learning how to fly, no matter where they are in life. Outside of work, he loves spending time with my family, fishing, skiing and flying remote-controlled airplanes & helicopters.


A late bloomer in the aviation world, Jennifer’s first encounter with an airplane was hardly love at first sight.




In fact, she jumped out and didn’t even experience the landing. It would be years later, when she found herself in the cockpit of a 737, working as a flight attendant and the pilots let her dial in an altitude change, that her attitude about aviation shifted. So she adjusted the course and got to work. She’d like everyone to know that it doesn’t matter when the passion hits. It is not too late and you are not too old! She’d like to get back up to the big leagues soon, this time with a flight deck door between her and the traveling public but she’s keeping the door open for an opportunity as it strikes, having learned that sometimes (most times) things go better than planned. Jennifer is also a glassblower, creating art from fire and a certified Oola coach, guiding clients to find life balance in this unbalanced world we live in.


Originally from Chicagoland, Andrew got his first flying experience sitting in the co-pilot seat of a de Havilland Beaver in Canada.
His family’s annual fly-in fishing trips are what sparked his interest in aviation. After getting sidetracked with a degree in Biology and Neuroscience, Andrew decided to move to Minnesota and pursue aviation. He started his journey with a discovery flight at Inflight and was convinced that this was the career for him. He began working as a pilot advisor for Inflight a few months later and finished up his training. Andrew hopes to add on a seaplane rating in the future to have his childhood passion for aviation and the outdoors come full circle.


Formerly a Paramedic, Dave made a career transition into aviation.

Dave grew up in North Dakota and moved to the Twin Cities when he was 23 making this area his home. Dave worked for years at a busy ambulance service in the Twin Cities. He found that work to be exciting and rewarding but felt that it was time for a career change in life. In his early 30’s, Dave was able to step back and evaluate “what do I really want to be doing in life?” He has found aviation to be interesting since he was young. Both of his grandfathers were in aviation, one as a GA pilot and the other an aviator in WWII. Dave always thought earning a pilot’s license would be fun and started evaluating if that could possibly be made into a career path. The first big step in this was reaching out to Inflight and scheduling a discovery flight. As soon as the plane lifted off the ground that day, he was hooked! He began his training at Inflight immediately, earning his certificates from Private Pilot to Commercial and CFI with more ratings on the horizon. He is most excited to share his passion and pass on his knowledge to future aviators. Outside of his aviation life Dave enjoys getting outside biking, running, camping, skiing and crossfit. He also has a 5 year old daughter that he loves spending time with. She even enjoys flying with her Dad, maybe we have a future pilot in the works?


Taylor grew up in an aviation household with his father an A320 captain

and his mother, a flight attendant. After high school, he was eager to pave his path, so he decided to enlist in the Air Force specializing in air transportation logistics while finishing his Bachelor’s degree. After working in churches on the technical production team, he considered a career change into medicine to become a physician. Before making the complete leap, Taylor came to Inflight to get his private license to verify he was making the correct career choice, and after getting his hands on the yoke, the rest is history. He is excited to be on the Inflight team and share his passion for aviation with his students.


Brent was born and raised in Carver, Minnesota, and was the first person in his family to venture into the world of aviation
After receiving his B.A. from Saint John’s University where he played 4 years of basketball, his plan was to attend graduate school for veterinary medicine. He spent two years working at the local veterinary clinic to gain experience and hopefully start his path to become a veterinarian. It wasn’t until after getting accepted into veterinary school, that he was disinclined to attend due to the cost of tuition alone. This led to a quick career pivot, where he found himself behind a desk working 9-5 as a business analyst for UnitedHealth Group. From day one, all of his work was remote and he had never met any of his coworkers face-to-face. He quickly found out that a desk job was not for him, and once again began exploring career options. Due to having no familial connection to aviation, Brent did not think becoming a pilot was even an option. However, after speaking with a neighbor who is in the industry, he was excited about what the future could hold. Within one week, he had taken a discovery flight and knew aviation was exactly where he belonged. He proceeded to earn all of his ratings/licenses through Inflight. When Brent is not at the airport, he enjoys golfing, snowboarding, taking care of his dog Koda and regrettably cheering on all Minnesota sports teams.


Kayla is someone who doesn't sit still for long! Growing up in Eden Prairie, Kayla has walked many paths to finally find her love of aviation.
With backgrounds from coaching the Eden Prairie Speech Team to nationals, working for the Duluth Train Museum, managing a fitness studio, and running her own business – Kayla enjoys learning as much as possible. When she felt restless at the start of 2020 and mentioned to her husband that she had looked into flight training, she was greeted with support and quickly purchased a ground school and discovery flight. She jumped in with both feet to her training, got a position as a Pilot Advisor at Inflight to learn and grow with the company, and fell in love with Inflight and general aviation as a whole.
In her free time, Kayla enjoys spending time with her family and godson, nerding out with her husband on new video games or memes, and traveling as much as possible – especially dedicated road trips to find unique breweries and restaurants


After spinning his wheels for several years trying different things and pondering what he would do with his life, Cameron decided to sate his childhood desires of “working in transportation” (driving cool stuff) by becoming a pilot.




Fascinated by all types of vehicles while growing up, airplanes and helicopters were always undoubtedly the coolest. Cameron earned his wings in the Northland, and after working for a few months as an instructor in Duluth, he decided it was time to move back home to the Twin Cities. He is thrilled to be joining a new family of flyers here at Inflight and looks forward to working with an exciting and diverse group of pilots and learners. When he’s not flying, Cameron can be found cycling on roads, dirt, and snow around the metro, playing music and spending time with friends and family.


Given his family's connection to the aviation industry, Paul has always been drawn to being a pilot.

Paul’s passion for flying continued to grow during his previous career that involved a tremendous amount of international travel. His passion could no longer be ignored and resulted in career shift dedicated exclusively to the world of aviation.

Whether it’s pursuing flying as a career or a hobby, being a flight instructor allows Paul to be alongside a student for their most exciting experiences as a pilot.

Paul acquired his private, instrument, commercial, CFI and CFII ratings/licenses exclusively through Inflight, and also holds a multi-engine rating. As a flight instructor, Paul’s most rewarding experience is being able to witness his students transform into confident pilots who love flying just as much as he does.

Paul enjoys spending time with his wife and five kids — yes, five! — as well as traveling, sports, and music – feel free to ask him about his days performing and recording as a drummer.


An aerospace engineer turned commercial pilot; Matt brings a unique perspective to the cockpit in his continued mission to share his passion for aviation and flight safety.

Born and raised in the Twin Cities, Matt’s fondness for aviation was fostered at a young age due to regular family trips to the Duluth Airshow, where he enjoyed seeing old warbirds take to the skies. Seeking to make the airways safer, he graduated from Iowa State University and began his tenure at Collins Aerospace, where he developed and tested aircraft sensors using state-of-the-art transonic and icing wind tunnels.

Looking to put theory into practice and take to the skies like the warbirds that marked his childhood, Matt scheduled a discovery flight with Inflight and immediately fell in love with the aspect of being directly behind the controls. While his office views have since changed, his original mission hasn’t and he’s excited to help others fulfill their personal aviation goals.

Outside of aviation, Matt enjoys spending time up at his cabin, reading, and honing his creative writing skills.


Experience in the aviation industry has taken Alexandra to greater heights than she imagined, propelling her from the cabin to the cockpit.

Born and raised in Dallas/Fort Worth, Alexandra grew up watching planes fly into Texas’ busiest airport and dreamt of flight herself. Before embarking on her journey to the aviation industry, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English at the University of North Texas. She had always loved the idea of flight but never thought it possible for her, until she joined American Airlines as a Flight Attendant. There, a pilot spoke to her about the value of a piloting career at Chicago O’ Hare before a flight. It was from that moment on that she strove to make her dream of piloting a reality. She applied for and got accepted into the American Airlines Cadet Academy program, earning all her certificates and ratings through their program, learning a lot, and making memories along the way.

Alexandra brings the excellence of the airlines to her instruction at Inflight, working on building the confidence of her students, and striving to help her students experience the same freedom and fun that flying has shown her.


An internationally recognized expert in aviation safety, Max decided to switch to a career behind the controls at Inflight.
Max grew up in Milwaukee and has had a passion for aviation for as long as he can remember. As a child he traveled the world, and unlike most people, saw long flights across oceans in economy class as one of the highlights of a trip. His love for exploring airports and identifying every plane he sees has continued into adulthood, much to the bemusement of his wife, although he beams with pride every time the younger of his two daughters stops what she is doing to point at a passing airplane.
Max graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in international history and went to work as an open source intelligence analyst at a travel risk management company after internships in the Library of Congress and US Senate. After discovering that his new company had an aviation safety team, he maneuvered himself into that team and eventually became the company’s lead aviation safety analyst. In that position Max monitored aviation safety developments around the world, helped clients understand key aviation safety issues and make safe choices when traveling by air, wrote newsletters, and spoke about aviation safety at major conferences around the US and Europe.
After years of writing about aviation safety, Max finally decided to get behind the controls himself and pursue a career as a pilot. He put his analytical skills to work evaluating flight schools in the Twin Cities, chose Inflight as the best option, and hasn’t looked back. After earning all of his ratings at Inflight, Max has set to work passing along his passion for aviation and everything he has learned to the next generation of Inflight students.


I'm a third Generation pilot; both my grandparents served in WWII.

One of my grandparents served for the U.S. Army Air Forces, the other for the Soviet Air Forces, and my Uncle was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. He did everything from airline work to helicopter tours after the war. My first distinct memory was visiting a 747 flight deck when I first moved to the U.S. I grew up in the Twin Cities close to Flying Cloud Airport, always hearing either general aviation planes at FCM or airliners inbound to MSP. As a kid, I loved making model airplanes and messing around with flight simulators, but I chose a different path when I went to college. I initially attended Wichita State for aerospace engineering, then transferred to MSU – Mankato to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in aviation management. I tried flight lessons during my Junior year at MSU and instantly knew I couldn’t do a job that was only on the ground. After college, I finished my flight training with ATP in Jacksonville, FL, and immediately returned to Minnesota. I’ve been a competitive swimmer for most of my life, but I have recently taken up golf — my only regret is I didn’t try it sooner. I can’t play football, but I sure can watch it. SKOL


From bush planes in Alaska, jetliners over the oceans, or a short flight to Redwing for milkshakes, any time in an airplane is a good time.

After finishing my degree at the University of Oregon, I moved to Minnesota and have spent the last 11 years working in healthcare. During the early portion of 2020, when my international travel plans came to a halt, I found a new way to fill my spare time — I transitioned from a traveling passenger to the pilot at command, exploring the midwest. I completed all my ratings, from Private Pilot to Certified Flight Instructor, with Inflight. Outside work, I enjoy cycling, camping, or looking at a map for my next adventure. I love talking about traveling or food and look forward to flying with you!