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Best Twin Cities Air Shows 2023

Twin Cities Air Shows

Searching for some exciting air shows and aviation events to attend in the Twin Cities area in 2023? Look no further! From the adrenaline-pumping thrills of aerial displays to opportunities to meet pilots and explore aircraft up close, the Twin Cities offer a variety of events for aviation enthusiasts of all ages. Let’s highlight some […]

Do I Need To Renew A Private Pilot License?

Renew A Private Pilot License

As soon as you undergo the flight training and pass the proper checkrides to become a certified aviator, you’ll never have to repeat the process in order to renew your license. But, getting in the cockpit and actually flying a plane after years or decades off – that’s a different story. Thankfully, there are ways […]

6 Reasons Why There’s A Pilot Shortage

Pilot Shortage

As airlines in the U.S. increase hiring efforts, with 12,000 new positions created this year alone, the problem of the global pilot shortage is coming into full view. A confluence of factors have aligned to create somewhat of the perfect storm as we head into 2023. There have been such issues as lingering global pandemics, […]