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Inflight’s Discovery Flight Program will help you soar to greater heights. Do you want experience the feeling of flying through the sky in your very own plane? Now you can with Inflight’s Discovery Flight. Whether it’s been a lifelong dream of yours, or you want to give it a try before committing to pilot training courses, taking control of an airplane will let you discover the power of flight. You’ll see what the allure of piloting your own plane is all about and awaken a passion inside yourself. Jump in the cockpit and strap into the pilot’s seat, as one of our experienced instructors assists you with piloting an airplane. 60 adrenaline-filled minutes later, you’ll know the feeling of soaring above the clouds in complete control of your own aircraft.

What is a Discovery Flight?

Inflight’s Discovery Flight is an introductory flying session, in which you’re paired with a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), and allowed to pilot your own plane under their supervision. Throughout the session, you will be seated on the left, also known as the pilot-in-command seat as you take flight. When you engage the throttle for the first time in one of our planes, your heart will start to beat faster, your adrenaline will surge and your senses will become activated as you part from the ground. There’s truly no greater feeling as you freely ascend into the clear blue sky – it’s something you won’t forget. And the best way to experience that moment is through our exhilarating, affordable Discovery Flight.

What Will My Discovery Flight Entail?

The Discovery Flight consists of one hour of uninterrupted airtime with a highly knowledgeable and personable flight instructor. It’s their duty to guide you through a series of pre-flight activities to help you understand some basic flying principles, including:

  • Preparing the aircraft so you can gain a basic understanding of what pilots check for before flight.
  • Checking flight controls, including the ailerons, flaps, elevator and rudder to understand basic flight systems.
  • Helping program the flight management system, which monitors lights, fuel level, engine oil and other essential functions, to understand how flight plans are implemented.
  • Analyzing the exterior of the plane to uncover any signs of damage to its structure.

Following the introductory portion, it’s time to takeoff on your hour-long flying session! From there on out, your flight instructor’s job is to ensure that you have a fun, safe and memorable piloting experience.

See the Sights as You Take Flight

On your introductory flight, you can take a sky-high tour of downtown Minneapolis, Lake Minnetonka, or even look out over your own home from 3,000+ feet in the air. Whatever you want to see, we’ll take you there.Whether you participate for fun or are interested in becoming a licensed pilot, a Discovery Flight is an experience you’ll never forget. And if you do plan on getting a pilot’s license, the flight time counts toward flight training, so it’s a win-win.

How Much Does it Cost to take an Introductory Flight Lesson?

Inflight offers hour-long introductory flight lessons for $219.99 + tax. For all you receive, this is a deal that you can’t fly by. While other companies may offer a cheaper rate, they simply don’t offer the same experience as Inflight does. Not only do we provide a full hour of airtime, we give you an additional half hour of ground time. Some of our competitors, on the other hand, only offer a total of 30 minutes of plane time – when you take into account warming up the plane, taxi time and run up, that 30 minutes is slashed in half. We shouldn’t have to tell you that 15 minutes just isn’t enough time to experience all that piloting your own plane has to offer. Shortened introductory flights are actually doing a disservice to aspiring pilots, as the value received doesn’t equal the cost spent.

Why Choose Inflight?

Inflight is committed to spreading the joy of flight to people throughout Minnesota and the Midwest. With the depth of experience our team of expert pilots has, we’re able to provide cost-effective and highly tailored training programs. Our flight instructors are carefully selected based on their qualifications and expertise, in addition to their ability to connect with students. When you receive personalized training that suits your personality, your chances of success increases dramatically. We have a large pool of skilled pilot instructors to choose from. We’ve built our reputation on industry standards and best practices, instructor availability and safety, and strive to bring those qualities to every student we teach. With our level of knowledge, with you’ll have worry-free and highly rewarding training experience.

Ready to Discover what Flying is All About?

If you’re itching to give flying a try, the Discovery Flight will let you experience flying as it was meant to be – fun, affordable and breathtaking. All you need is the right company to get you there: Let Inflight help you take off.

Schedule Your Flight

We make it simple to schedule your Discovery Flight. All of our introductory flight lessons are booked online when purchased through our easy scheduling system located below.  We encourage people (to get the time and date they want) to purchase and schedule their discovery flight using the link below. If this is a gift that will be scheduled at a later date please call to schedule otherwise please use the online booking system.

How do I know which Flight to purchase? 

The most common discovery flight we sell is the Cessna 172 discovery flight for $219.99. This is limited to 2 passengers and a combined weight of 460lbs. If you are just going by yourself and weigh less than 160lbs the Cessna 152 discovery flight is a great option (it’s also $30 less expensive). If you want the experience of a lifetime or are interested in flying Cirrus Aircraft (it has a built in parachute) the SR20 (weight limit of 650lbs) and SR22 (weight limit of 800lbs) discovery flights are the way to go . The difference between the SR20 and SR22 are just the speed of the aircraft and engine size. Interested in buying a Cirrus? Not sure which one to get? Try both. The prices range from $189.99 for the Cessna 152 discovery flight all the way up to $539.99 for the SR22 Discovery Flight.



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