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Will The Pilot Shortage Soon Be A Thing Of The Past, Or Not

The aviation industry has been grappling with a shortage of pilots for several years now, with some experts predicting that it could worsen in the coming years, with 80,000 spots needing to be filled by 2023. The shortage has been attributed to a variety of factors, including an aging workforce, high training costs, and a […]

How To Renew An Old Or Expired Pilot License

Are you on a quest to rekindle your love for the skies? If you’ve undergone training before, but haven’t flown in quite some time, you may need to take the proper steps to renew your pilot license. But, where do you start, who do you see and will you need to take classes again to […]

How Much Can You Expect To Make As A Rookie Airline Pilot In 2023


If you’re thinking about working in the exciting world of aviation, there’s never been a better time to become an airline pilot. Because the industry has seen such a massive shift due to the on-going pandemic that fed an increasingly growing pilot shortage, airlines are in need of rookie aviators now more than ever.  If […]

Will The FAA Raise The Pilot Retirement Age?

Pilot Retirement Age

It’s no secret that the airline industry in the U.S. is facing a pilot shortage. Many solutions have been proposed to fix the issue, including reducing the number of pilot training hours and increasing investment in educational programs for young adults. But, one of the biggest proposals working its way through the regulatory machine right […]

Exciting Things You Can Do With A $90K Starting Salary

Whether you’re a young rookie just starting out or a seasoned veteran making the move to airlines, here are a few things that a $90K salary could do for you.

With recent news about regional airlines doubling pay for new pilot hires, and starting salaries reaching $90,000 a year, we thought it’d be relevant to take a look at some exciting things you could do with a paycheck that size. Whether you’re a young rookie just starting out or a seasoned veteran making the move […]

How To Become A Certified Flight Instructor (CFI): Requirements, Training & Benefits

Become A Certified Flight Instructor

If you’re looking for an exciting career training others how to fly airplanes, then consider going through the right CFI training program to become a flight instructor. With a certified flight instructor (CFI) designation, you’re able to get paid to teach students how to safely and effectively operate many different types of aircraft. Whether it’s small […]

Outcomes Of Graduating From A Professional Pilot Program

medical and pharma events

Are you ready to participate in a professional pilot program? Whether you want to fly passengers on major airlines, work for the agricultural industry flying a crop plane or jet around CEOs and executives on a corporate airliner, you’ll first need to undergo the right type of training. And that type of training often comes […]

4 Items That Look Good On A Professional Pilot Program Application

Professional Pilot Program Application

If you’re searching for an exciting and rewarding career path, one that doesn’t involve sitting behind a desk or punching a clock, then becoming a pilot may be the perfect job for you. Gain the freedom to travel the world in a high-paying profession, while taking on a refreshing sense of prestige. From transporting passengers […]

Struggling to Choose a Career?

Cool Job Ideas For a More Thrilling Future

Struggling to Choose a Career? One that isn’t your typical nine to five, working in a cubicle, dressing in a suit and tie? For those searching for a thrilling, adventurous, or just plain enjoyable job, there are a ton of opportunities to consider – some that you simply may not have thought of.  With that […]