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Fight The Pilot Shortage: Steps To Take After High School

Are you someone who’s always wanted to take to the skies and become a pilot? The aviation  industry is currently facing a major challenge – a shortage of pilots. Airlines are struggling to find enough qualified individuals to meet the growing demand for air travel and fall out from the pandemic, among a host of […]

Why the Airline Hiring Boom is Here to Stay: The Case for a Career in Aviation

The skies are clearer than they’ve been in years for aspiring aviators. The aviation industry is experiencing an unprecedented hiring boom, making it an opportune moment to consider a career amongst the clouds. This surge in hiring isn’t a fleeting phenomenon but a robust, sustained recovery signaling a golden era for aviation careers. For those […]

Sky-High Aspirations: What Is The Most I Can Earn As An Airline Pilot?

In an era where travelers can cross continents in a matter of hours, a profession in aviation is more important than ever. Pilots not only bridge geographical divides but also bring people, cultures and businesses closer. Their role is instrumental in global connectivity, and because of this, the job holds a certain allure for those […]

Traditional Travel Methods vs. Private Aviation

In our fast-paced world, the need for efficient and reliable transportation has never been more important. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, people constantly find themselves on the move, and the mode of transportation chosen significantly impacts the overall travel experience. Traditional modes of transportation, including commercial flights, cars, buses and trains, among others, have […]

Private Jet Pilot: Training Cost vs. Salary

Flying a private jet is an exhilarating and rewarding experience, but in order to do so requires a significant amount of training, certification and experience. From obtaining a private pilot license to building up your flight hours to becoming commercially certified, there’s a lot to learn and accomplish before you can take the controls of […]

Unexpected Ramifications Of The Pilot Shortage

If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a pilot, right now may be the perfect time to take-on the challenge. Right now, the major airline industry is scrambling to fill a large void of employable pilots, qualified to fly passengers on domestic and international routes. Although companies like Delta, American and United have recently introduced new […]

Benefits Of Community & Connection In Challenging Times

The power of community and connection cannot be underestimated in times of challenge. Throughout flight school, there may be times where you’re pushed to your limits – however, with the right level of support, whether from instructors, flight staff or other students, you’ll have a better chance at navigating these challenges and rising above them. […]

The Best Aspects Of Being A Commercial Pilot

Obtaining a commercial pilot license (CPL) from a reputable flight school opens up a range of career paths to choose from. Some want to work for an airline, which may require additional qualifications beyond the CPL, while others may choose to work for a corporation, charter company, haul cargo, dust crops or partake in other […]

Demand Is Soaring Back: 10 Reasons To Choose An Airline Pilot Program

Regional Airline Pilot

As of 2023, demand is soaring back within the airline industry, with companies finally returning to profitability after three-years of downturn. If you’ve always dreamt of hopping in the cockpit and flying jumbo jets, you should consider undergoing the proper training to become licensed. Here are a few key reasons why you should choose an […]

Will The Pilot Shortage Soon Be A Thing Of The Past, Or Not

The aviation industry has been grappling with a shortage of pilots for several years now, with some experts predicting that it could worsen in the coming years, with 80,000 spots needing to be filled by 2023. The shortage has been attributed to a variety of factors, including an aging workforce, high training costs, and a […]