7 Benefits of Flying Yourself to a Business Meeting

Inflightpilottraining Flying for Busniess Meeting

For business professionals who have heavy travel obligations, flying on major airlines, renting cars and taking trains can become tiresome means of getting place to place. When you fly yourself however, you gain many advantages, from higher levels of comfort to personalized travel itineraries and much more.  If you want to take control of your […]

| 10 Ways to Host an Unforgettable Corporate Retreat

10 Ways to Host an Unforgettable Corporate Retreat

Hosting a corporate retreat is part of keeping business goals front and center, employees happy and operations running smoothly. It’s a great way to connect with fellow team members and promote employee bonds.    Whenever you’re thinking of hosting a corporate retreat, stick to the following tips.    1) Define the Event’s Purpose Before booking […]

Why Do CEOs Devote So Much Time To Their Hobbies? (Hint: It Drives Success)

Much Time To Their Hobbies? (Hint: It Drives Success)

CEOs and other high-level business leaders are already stretched for time from the demands of their occupation, yet many still seem to find time to enjoy their hobbies — whatever they may be.  Overall, hobbies make for a more well-rounded person, giving someone who spends a lot of time in high-stress situations time to rest […]

7 Luxury Travel Tips to Improve Your Next Business Trip

Maybe you aren’t dreading the time you’re about to spend in a different city, state or country — but you are most likely dreading the act of actually traveling to your intended destination. And, with cramped economy-class airplane seats, obnoxious cab drivers, less-than-stellar hotels and other hassles, this overwhelming sense of dread makes sense. However, […]

8 of the Most Stressful Aspects of Business Travel and How to Remedy Them

While traveling for any reason can be a stressful experience, the entire experience can be particularly trying on business trips. From added pressure to perform well at a forthcoming meeting to making sure you get to your destination on time, there are a wide range of added strains when you’re required to travel for business. […]

Don’t Stress – Relaxation Tips for Jet-Setting Executives

Worried, stressed and hurried, traveling as a business professional can leave you drained of all your energy. Whether you fly first class, charter a private plane, or get a pilot’s license and fly yourself, jet-setting executives could always use a few ideas on how to reduce stress during their travels. Thankfully, there are some things […]