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Do You Know About a 100-Hour Inspection?

100-Hour Inspection

With all of the inspections an individual aircraft undergoes throughout its life, the 100-hour inspection is one of the most crucial – especially if you’re flying non-crew passengers. This type of inspection ensures that your plane is in good shape every 100 hours of flight, stopping small problems before they endanger anyone on board or on […]

Winterizing Your Airplane

Winterizing Your Airplane

As we head into some of the coldest months of the year in the Midwest, you may be getting ready to store your aircraft. But before you can officially wrap up your flying season, there are a few key maintenances of Winterizing Airplane tasks that you should complete to make sure your aircraft is properly […]

Does an Airplane need Maintenance?

Airplane need Maintenance?

When it comes taking flight, proper aircraft maintenance is a crucial component to making sure you never stay grounded. Every pilot, whether they’re new to flying or are veterans of the sky, should educate themselves on maintenance and inspection requirements for their aircraft. To help, let’s explore how often your airplane needs maintenance. MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS […]

Finding a Good Aircraft Maintenance Shop

Good Aircraft Maintenance Shop

In the world of aviation, there’s almost nothing as important as a reputable, trustworthy aircraft maintenance shop. Not only will they help you keep up with required maintenance and inspection checks, they’ll keep you – and your passengers – safe, each and every flight. If you’re searching for a mechanic who will treat you as a partner, […]

Conducting Pre-Purchase Inspection Plane

Conducting Pre-Purchase Inspection Plane

Conducting Pre-Purchase Plane Inspection is one of the best decisions you can make before purchasing an airplane is to have a licensed Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanic conduct an independent, unbiased inspection of the aircraft. This process is what’s known as a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI). A PPI will give provide many valuable insights into the […]

Ways To Prepare For The Flying Season

Prepare For The Flying Season

5 GREAT WAYS TO PREPARE FOR THE FLYING SEASON The skies are clearing, the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and finally, the snow has melted. As one of the coldest winters on record is coming to an end, those who have a passion for flying can finally take back to the skies! In […]

Aircraft Maintenance Checklist

Aircraft Maintenance Checklist

As an aircraft owner or a Aircraft Mechanic, you have several responsibilities to ensure a plane is airworthy before take-off. With so much to consider, it can be hard to keep track of every little maintenance issue. Cirrus Aircraft Maintenance is here to help you keep your airplane in takeoff condition all year long. Before […]

Get Your Airplane Professionally Detailed

Airplane Professionally Detailed

Spring is Here! 7 Reasons to Get Your Airplane Professionally Detailed Detailing your aircraft isn’t so much cleaning as it is a type of regular, on-going maintenance. It’s a crucial practice in keeping your plane in tip-top shape, but it also makes the plane safer and prevents pricey issues like corrosion and fading, among other […]