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You are solely responsible for ensuring that the plane is taken care of while in your care. Please review the items below and fill out the airplane trip itinerary form. 

Items to consider when overnighting a plane at a different airport:

The FBO/Airport

  • What type of services do they provide/what services might you need?
  • Hangar availability
    • Do you plan to encounter any inclement weather? 
    • What’s their hangar rate?
  • Do they have tie-down spots?
    • Do they provide tie-down ropes (Inflight does not provide this)
    • Is there a fee for this
  • Plugging in the aircraft
    • What will be the overnight temp?
    • Call ahead and see if they can plug the plane in
      • Do they have an extension cord (Inflight does not provide this)
  • Crew/Courtesy Cars
    • Usually first come first serve
    • Call ahead and see if this is an option
    • What’s their crew car policy (time limitations)


  • What’s the cost of fuel at your destination
    • Inflight will reimburse up to Inflight’s current fuel rate
  • What are all the fees associated with my aircraft type at this location?
    • Ramp 
    • Hangar
    • Facility/infrastructure 

Important numbers to have:

(You can call or text these numbers)

Inflight Front Desk: 952-698-3000

If it is an urgent matter and you cannot get a hold of anyone including your primary  instructor, please reach out to Sadie directly at 612-751-7771,