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Global Air Charters Gulfstream Pilot – Andrew Mock

Minnesota native, Andrew Mock, joins us to talk about how his passion for aviation propelled him from splitting flight times in a Cessna 172 with friends to now flying as a First Officer on the Gulfstream for a local Minnesota company traveling all around the world. Enjoy!

Sun Country Airlines Chief Marketing Officer – Brian Davis

Brian joins us in the studio to talk about his role as the Chief Marketing Officer at Minnesota’s Hometown Airline, Sun Country. We learn about his journey into the aviation industry, how the airline shifted to become a low cost carrier, and where the future of airline marketing is headed. We had a blast with this episode and we hope you will too!

Chicago O’Hare Air Traffic Controller – Shane VanHoven

We sat down with Shane VanHoven from the Air Traffic Control Tower at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport for a fun, yet informative episode! We talked about his path to get to the tower at Chicago, why he chose ATC, and we even touched on his pilot ratings and previous flight experience. Enjoy!

MAC Director of Minneapolis Reliever Airports – Joe Harris

Joe Harris is the MAC Director of Reliever Airports for the Metropolitan Airport Commission in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We talked to him about what it takes to oversee operations across 5 airports and keep traffic flowing in and out of the Twin Cities safely.

Cirrus Aircraft Regional Sales Director – Taylor Anderson

Join us as we talk with Taylor about what it takes to sell one of the premier general aviation aircraft in the industry. We’ll learn how she matches clients with planes, cool facts you may not have known about Cirrus, and fun stories about being on the road with customers.

Introducing Living Inflight

Welcome to our brand new podcast. Have a listen to learn more about what’s to come in our upcoming episodes!