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Hello! My name is Trever Rossini and I am the owner of Inflight.
I am the visionary behind our great community and the man with the pulse on the aviation industry as a whole. I found my love for aviation in college at the University of Montana on accident, and I’ve never looked back. My role at Inflight is to give our employees and customers the best possible environment to thrive in while accomplishing their dreams. What brings me the most joy at Inflight is seeing people having fun and sharing in a passion that is truly one of a kind. I could bore you with a long list of things I do on the day to day, but basically I am the stereotypical entrepreneur who is always thinking of creative ways to make the experience of flying and sense of community better for everyone. I’ve been in aviation for pretty much my entire adult life, as I started out Flight Instructing in 2011 and became the owner of Inflight in 2013 at just 23 years old. I’ve learned a lot about myself, flying, relationships, the meaning of community, and most importantly what it means to be a leader along the way. Inflight is and will always be my life’s work and whenever I am at the office I am home. I hope you find a second home within our community and please reach out to me anytime to say hello or pick my brain.


Hey there! My name is Sadie Mitchell, and I'm the Flight School Manager.
I manage the day to day of the flight school and a team of advisors who act as a one stop shop for everyone’s needs – maintenance assistance, flight training resources, financial assistance, weather information, billing, tours, schedule coordination, and more. I ensure everyone has a tailored experience with Inflight through transparent pricing, aircraft availability, and the overall flight training operations. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management and Leadership at Concordia University – St. Paul and am a native Minnesotan.
I received my pilot’s license in high school and have been a part of the general aviation scene ever since. My past experience includes managing all client relations with charter flights, flight school operations, aircraft ownership, maintenance repair operation, and sales.Having been around and worked in this industry for 10 years, working with three different flight schools, I’ve been fortunate enough to assist dozens of pilots from start to finish in their professional aviation careers.


Hello! My name is Benjamin Porch, Chief Pilot at Inflight.

As Chief Pilot, my main responsibilities lie in ensuring the flight school and flight instructors are operating and teaching in a safe, customer-focused manner. I oversee safety of flight, industry changes and compliance, and operating procedures. Additionally, I oversee HR responsibilities for the flight school, including hiring and standardization of new flight instructors. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Flight Science at LeTourneau University, in Longview, TX. My education encompassed the elements and certifications required of a professional pilot, flight instructor, and aircraft mechanic. Upon graduation, I worked for LeTourneau’s aviation department as a flight instructor for 2 years across a range of aircraft types. Following a move back to Minnesota, I worked as a full-time aircraft mechanic for about a year and a half, interacting with all types of aircraft within general aviation, including flight school aircraft. Following that, I began work at Inflight Pilot Training, initially as a full-time flight instructor. As the company has grown, I’ve taken on additional responsibilities until officially moving into the Chief Pilot role over 3 years ago. During my time at Inflight, I’ve amassed a range of flight instruction experience and specialized training, including the Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP) certification, and flight instruction in high performance Cessna, Piper, and Beech aircraft.


Hello! My name is Trent Wallman, and I am the Director of Maintenance at Inflight.
I manage all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events for the flight school and our growing customer base of aircraft owners. I assist our team in scheduling, training, logistics, customer service, and performing maintenance. I also oversee our books and make sure that our operating procedures are always safe, up to date, and legal. I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Aircraft Systems from LeTourneau University in Longview Texas. While obtaining my degree, I acquired my private pilot license and my airframe and powerplant mechanic certifications from the FAA. I have continued education after entering the workforce and obtained Cessna and Cirrus airframe specific training certificates from their respective factories. Last year, I obtained my Inspection Authorization from the FAA to complete my mechanic license.I have eight years of industry experience working as a full time A&P mechanic. I started working at a standard general aviation shop and shifted into a flight school maintenance management role. I then obtained employment at a larger maintenance facility and gained experience working on larger and more diverse aircraft. After that I joined the Inflight team and have been working with them for the past three years. I have seen a tremendous amount of growth at Inflight and I have committed myself to see it become the best flight school and maintenance facility in the midwest!
I am happy to answer any additional questions. Let me know if I can help in any way. Thank you!