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Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots & Training Center Instructors Now Available! If the instructor has CSIP or TCI in their profile of qualifications they are Cirrus qualified.
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Flight Instruction Rates

Chief Pilot

$ 100 /hr.

  • Personalized 1 on 1 Lessons
  • Chief Flight Instructor

Premium Retail

$ 85 /hr.

  • Personalized 1 on 1 Lessons
  • Non Club Members
  • Aircraft Owners
  • No Commitment

Full Day Rate

$ 600 /Day.

  • Personalized 1 on 1 Lessons
  • 8 Hours of Instruction
  • Ferry Pilot Services
  • Intensive Training

Meet Your Professional Flight Instructor

Trever – Owner


Trever is a commercial pilot with over 1,700 hours of flight time. He is the visionary behind what makes Inflight such a

He has numerous hours of mountain flying experience and a serious passion for teaching. Trever earned his Flight Instructor ratings by age 20 and in just 2 years he earned his FAA Gold Seal designation. He became a flight school owner at 23 years old and loves spreading his passion for aviation with others. He has a Aviation Education background from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and is always hungry for more knowledge in the Aviation world. In addition to his flight instructor certificates he also holds Advanced Ground and Instrument Ground instructor certificates.

Benjamin – Chief Pilot


As Chief Pilot, Benjamin oversees the daily operations at Inflight Pilot Training.

He works hard to ensure a safe, professional, and competent staff are working hard to give the best flight instruction in the Midwest.  Benjamin has been fascinated by aviation and airplanes from a young age. Upon graduating high school, he attended LeTourneau University in Longview, TX, completing a degree in Aviation with a concentration in Mission Aviation. Benjamin has instructed in Texas and Minnesota for years across a range of aircraft types including Single-Engine, Multi-Engine, Tailwheel, High Performance, and Technically Advanced Aircraft. He is a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot, FAA Gold Seal Instructor, and currently has over 3,000 hours, with over 2,500 hours of flight instruction given.

In addition to a relaxed and joyful approach to being a flight instructor, Benjamin is a certificated Airframe & Powerplant aircraft mechanic who enjoys working on the aircraft as well as flight instructing.

Dan – Check Airman


Dan has been a leader and integral part of Inflight. He brings a long career in aviation that started back teaching

Instrument students at IFT at the MSP INTL Airport. He also served as a factory demonstration pilot for Bellanca Aircraft for many years. With over 8,500 hours of flight time Dan and over 50 years as an Aviator he has a vast amount of knowledge to share! Dan is available part time to do simulator work for IFR students, flight reviews, aircraft owner recurrent training, and technical ground lessons. He also holds the prestigious Master Pilot award from the FAA and is a life long flight instructor.

Jeremy – Instructor


As an Aviation enthusiast Jeremy started flying at a young age on cross country trips with his father.

Jeremy combined his passion with the outdoors as an Eagle Scout and pursued work in the Natural Resources Aviation field, as well as taking business classes at the U of M Crookston. From Crookston Jeremy moved to Mankato to earn his Commercial Multiengine and flight instructor ratings, and now has a B.S. in Profession Flight. He currently has over 2400 hours of flight time and has greatly enjoyed teaching for the past 3 years with all levels of pilots.Highlights of his aviation career include passing on his passion for piloting to his students, flying with friends and family, and a professional internship with Walmart’s Corporate Flight Department flying in Lear 45s.

Eric – Instructor


Eric has a wide variety of experience and an enthusiastic approach to flight training.

Eric has always had a passion for flying since he was young, watching local seaplane pilots on the lake where he grew up. He attended Luther College where he studied Economics and participated in Baseball and Football. He didn’t pursue aviation as a career until after he attended law school, at which point he obtained all of his certificates and ratings. Eric is an avid outdoorsman who loves spending time hunting, fishing, and relaxing at the lake. Eric’s experience and enthusiastic approach fits a wide variety of students learning styles.

Brian – Instructor


Brian brings more than 35 years of aviation experience to the Inflight team.

Starting with a first solo on his 16th birthday he has logged nearly 6700 flight hours, including more than 2200 hours as a Certified Flight Instructor.  When he’s not teaching at InFlight, Brian serves as a Learjet Captain for Best Jets International, a Minneapolis-based Part 135 charter operator.  In addition to being a CFI, CFII and MEI, he holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with type ratings in the RA390 (Beech Premier 1A), Cessna Citation Excel and Lear 45.  Brian continues to flight instruct out of a desire to contribute to aviation and a passion for teaching.”

Ambyr – Instructor


Ambyr started flying as a teenager and earned her private pilot certification at age 17.

The experience she gained helped point her towards a Mechanical Engineering degree. Regretfully, “adulting” ate too much time and her flying was put on hold.  Ambyr spent her pre-flight instruction career in automotive and aerospace, most recently working in quality, engineering and procurement for Gulfstream and Boeing aircraft. 

Upon taking that first step back into a seat of a Cessna 152 she knew she needed to make aviation her career.   She absolutely loves flight instructing and helping students reach their personal flying goals. 

In her spare time Ambyr volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters, works on a 1915 Steam Engine and is a social coordinator of sorts for friends & family.

David – Instructor


David’s background in aviation began when he earned his private pilot license as a senior in high school.

He continued his training at Minnesota State University, Mankato where he completed his commercial license and instructor ratings as well as a degree in Professional Flight. Recently David interned at Compass Airlines with the Safety Department at MSP. David is excited to be a part of the Inflight team and help train pilots to be as safe as possible.

Tory – Instructor


Ever since age 6, Tory knew he wanted to be a pilot. Growing up in Hastings, he loved the idea of being up in the clouds

This passion only grew and after high school he went on to study at the University of North Dakota. He then moved down to Phoenix, Arizona to continue his training and went on to pass his CFI, CFII, and MEI checkrides.  He worked as an instructor in the Phoenix for almost a year before moving back to Minnesota. With a thorough passion for teaching, not to mention camping, cars, food, Tory wants to enable others to achieve their goals in aviation so that they can share in the joy that is flying.

Amy – Instructor


Amy grew up west of the twin cities and told her parents she wanted to be a pilot at age 2.

Pursuing an aviation career has been a lifelong dream and goal of hers. She graduated Minnesota State University, Mankato and with a degree in Professional Flight as well as her CFI, MEI, and CFII certificates. She also has a CE500 SIC rating from Flight Safety International. She interned with United Airlines while she was in college and is a member of Women in Aviation, International. Amy has over 1,000 hours and is available to teach private, instrument, commercial, and multi-engine students as well as flight reviews. She is excited to help students achieve and succeed in their aviation goals!

Travis – Instructor


Travis is a CFI/MEI/ATP providing basic and advanced flight and ground instruction at Inflight.

Additionally, he is a Part 91/135 King Air Pilot employed by regional and national companies. He earned most of his pilot certificates and ratings through Inflight. Before starting flight training in 2009, Travis was a Firefighter/EMT with Federal and State Agencies in the western United States for over a decade. Travis has given over 2,000 hours of flight and ground instruction to students at Inflight.

Zach – Instructor



Robert – Instructor


Robert started flying because he wanted to take his family on short four da

A pilot friend took him on a night flight out of Waterloo airport in the early 90’s and shortly after he was hooked. He has had wonderful experiences flying his family to California, Massachusetts, Colorado, and to see family in Texas. 

After 9 years of flying his family around, he earned his CFII in the spring of 2001. He opened a flight school with a friend in Blair, Nebraska where he helped several students earn their Private and Instrument ratings over 3 years. The school was a secondary job alongside his work as a professor and leader/teacher in the church. He has a Masters Degree in Education and earned a Doctorate in Communication. 

Recently, he is semi-retired and has taken up an encore career to teach people how to fly. Robert has over 700 hours of total flight time, He enjoys the culture/leadership that Inflight has built and specifically is excited to be part of a knowledgable, thoughtful group of instructors. His passion is helping students transform complex ideas into memorable images and relatable concepts, as well as helping students identify and develop a conscientious thinking process toward flying. He is available to teach Private, Instrument, Commercial, as well as Flight Reviews and IPC’s.