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Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots & Training Center Instructors Now Available! If the instructor has CSIP or TCI in their profile of qualifications they are Cirrus qualified.
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$ 110 /hr.

  • Personalized 1 on 1 Lessons
  • Non Club Member
  • Aircraft Owners
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Half Day Rate

$ 400 /1/2 Day.

  • Personalized 1 on 1 Lessons
  • 4 Hours of Instruction
  • Ferry Pilot Services
  • Intensive Training

Full Day Rate

$ 600 /Day.

  • Personalized 1 on 1 Lessons
  • 8 Hours of Instruction
  • Ferry Pilot Services
  • Intensive Training

Meet Your Professional Flight Instructor

Trever – Owner


Trever is a commercial pilot with over 1,700 hours of flight time.

He is the visionary behind what makes Inflight such a great place to fly. His flying experience started all over the country. He has numerous hours of mountain flying experience and a serious passion for teaching. Trever earned his Flight Instructor ratings by age 20 and in just 2 years he earned his FAA Gold Seal designation. He became a flight school owner at 23 years old and loves spreading his passion for aviation with others. He has an Aviation Education background from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and is always hungry for more knowledge in the Aviation world. In addition to his flight instructor certificates he also holds Advanced Ground and Instrument Ground instructor certificates.


Benjamin – Chief Pilot


As Chief Pilot and NAFI Master Instructor, Benjamin oversees the daily operations

at Inflight Pilot Training. He works hard to ensure a safe, professional, and competent staff are working hard to give the best flight instruction in the Midwest.  Benjamin has been fascinated by aviation and airplanes from a young age. Upon graduating high school, he attended LeTourneau University in Longview, TX, completing a degree in Aviation with a concentration in Mission Aviation. Benjamin has instructed in Texas and Minnesota for years across a range of aircraft types including Single-Engine, Multi-Engine, Tailwheel, High Performance, and Technically Advanced Aircraft. He is a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot, FAA Gold Seal Instructor, and currently has over 3,000 hours, with over 2,500 hours of flight instruction given.

In addition to a relaxed and joyful approach to being a flight instructor, Benjamin is a certificated Airframe & Powerplant aircraft mechanic who enjoys working on the aircraft as well as flight instructing.

Dan – Check Airman


Dan has been a leader and integral part of Inflight. He brings a long career in aviation that started back teaching

Instrument students at IFT at the MSP INTL Airport. He also served as a factory demonstration pilot for Bellanca Aircraft for many years. With over 12,000 hours of flight time Dan and over 50 years as an Aviator he has a vast amount of knowledge to share! Dan is available part time to do simulator work for IFR students, flight reviews, aircraft owner recurrent training, and technical ground lessons. He also holds the prestigious Master Pilot award from the FAA and is a life long flight instructor.

Jeremy – Assistant Chief Pilot


As an Aviation enthusiast Jeremy started flying at a young age on cross country trips with his father.

Jeremy combined his passion with the outdoors as an Eagle Scout and pursued work in the Natural Resources Aviation field, as well as taking business classes at the U of M Crookston. From Crookston Jeremy moved to Mankato to earn his Commercial Multiengine and flight instructor ratings, and now has a B.S. in Profession Flight. He currently has over 2400 hours of flight time and has greatly enjoyed teaching for the past 3 years with all levels of pilots.Highlights of his aviation career include passing on his passion for piloting to his students, flying with friends and family, and a professional internship with Walmart’s Corporate Flight Department flying in Lear 45s.

Ambyr – Instructor


Ambyr started flying as a teenager and earned her private pilot certification at age 17.

The experience she gained helped point her towards a Mechanical Engineering degree. Regretfully, “adulting” ate too much time and her flying was put on hold.  Ambyr spent her pre-flight instruction career in automotive and aerospace, most recently working in quality, engineering and procurement for Gulfstream and Boeing aircraft. 

Upon taking that first step back into a seat of a Cessna 152 she knew she needed to make aviation her career.   She absolutely loves flight instructing and helping students reach their personal flying goals. In 2020 Ambyr was nominated as Flight Instructor of the year for the great lakes region by the FAA.

In her spare time Ambyr volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters, works on a 1915 Steam Engine and is a social coordinator of sorts for friends & family.

David – Instructor


David has been passionate about aviation since childhood.

He originally attended St. Cloud State for a B.S. in Aviation, but for various reasons pursued a B.S. in Environmental Science instead. After college, David worked for many years as an environmental chemist specializing in water quality. However, in May 2018, David decided to leave behind his 9-5 job and pursued his lifelong dream to fly full-time. In just 6 short months, David went from his First Solo to Flight Instructor all through Inflight. David has a laid back style but knows how to challenge people to meet their personal goals. He’s excited to share his passion of aviation with students to help them make their dreams a reality.

Colin – Instructor


A second-generation aviator, Colin has been around aviation since birth.

Growing up flying with his grandfather in a 1947 Aeronca Chief taildragger, Colin has always had a passion for aviation.

After getting his bachelor’s degree in Marketing from St. Cloud State University, Colin pursued a professional career in sales and marketing. After a few years, he started to realize he was enjoying flying in airplanes more than staring at a computer screen. It was at this point he started to consider a career change. After obtaining his private pilot license from Inflight, he went on to train in the Cirrus SR20 before heading to Arizona for the winter to get his instrument and commercial ratings. Once finished, he decided to come back to instruct at Inflight, the place where it all started.

In addition to his instrument, commercial single- and multi-engine ratings, he also obtained his tailwheel endorsement in a Piper Super Cub. Colin looks forward to exposing more people to the joys and fun of general aviation at Inflight.

Inflightpilottraining Instructor Matt

Matt – Instructor


Matt was bit hard by the aviation bug at a young age

He knew early on that aviation was going to be a big part of his life, from repeated visits with his dad to Airventure in Oshkosh, to learning about aviation and what it takes to become a pilot from his mom, who was working as a flight attendant. After receiving his BS in Supply Chain from the U of M, Matt worked the corporate 9-5 for a few years and found that flying on the side simply wasn’t enough time in the air. After that realization, Matt took the plunge into aviation full-time, quitting his job and moving to Denver, where he received his Instrument Rating, Commercial Single, and Commercial Multi Engine certificates as well as his CFI and CFII.  Matt loves to fly to new airports to grab a “$100 Hamburger” and looks forward to spreading his passion for aviation through instructing, EAA Young Eagles flights, and other local engagement activities.

TJ – Instructor


After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Retail Merchandising

from the University of Minnesota, TJ continued his professional career working in the motorsport and automotive industry. After a few of years of working at a desk with a 9 to 5 schedule, he decided it was time for a change that was a bit more adventurous that still included the mechanical side from the automotive world he has always had a passion for. TJ decided it was time for change of career paths and started looking more into the world of aviation and becoming a professional pilot. He decided to move to Chicago where he received his Private, Instrument, and Commercial ratings, and then down south to Phoenix, AZ and Las Vegas, NV to finish up his CFI, CFII, and MEI ratings. Upon completion of obtaining his Flight Instructor license, he returned back up to MN where he grew up with friends and family and joined the InFlight Team. TJ looks forward to continue developing his aviation experience while sharing his knowledge with those who enjoy the same interests within the aviation community.

Ben – Instructor


An engineer turned pilot,

Ben enjoys all aspects of flying, especially the technical.

Ben grew up reading tomes of aviation history, and as an avid LEGO builder he set out to become an Aerospace Engineer. Technology interests in high school and college caused him to take a detour from aviation. Receiving his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland, Ben went to work for the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab for three years. Looking for a change in lifestyle, he thought “whatever happened to aviation?” Moving from MD to MN, Ben conducted all of his training in-house at Inflight Pilot Training and hasn’t looked back. As a CFI, Ben is affable and draws on his college experiences as a Resident Assistant to provide individual instruction and advice. Plus, the engineer in him loves answering students’ technical questions.

Sara – Instructor


Sara was seven days old when her dad first took her flying.

It wasn’t until she was eighteen she realized she wanted to be a pilot. Flying started out as a hobby for Sara, but after a few semesters of studying to be a Physical Therapist, the “hobby” turned into something much more. After getting her private pilot certificate at Inflight, she attended Liberty University to pursue degrees in Aeronautics: Global Studies and Unmanned Aerial Systems. While she was there she fell more in love with General Aviation and its community. When she is not flying, she is out on the lake with friends or reading up on the most recent aviation news.


Tim Inflightpilottraining Instuctor

Tim – Instuctor


Tim has been interested in aviation since he was a little kid.
Growing up he got exposed to flying from his father from all the air shows he took him to and getting the opportunity to fly with his uncle.  Life took him in a different direction as he got older attending Central Michigan University and graduating wit a degree in Broadcasting. He spent 9 years in radio as a DJ and eventually managing both a country and sports station in Flint, MI. While radio was fun life was calling him to something a little more adventurous. Tim resigned his position, moved to Chicago and began his flight training where he earned his Private, Instrument, Commercial single engine and multi-engine, CFI and CFII.  Upon completing his ratings his wife took a promotion that brought them to the Twin Cities. Tim looks forward to sharing his knowledge and love for aviation with the Inflight community.

Inflightpilottraining Instructor Mark

Mark – Instructor


A former flight attendant turned pilot

Mark has always had an interest in being a pilot since his father took him to air-shows at a very young age. After high school Mark took his aviation interest to another level by becoming a flight attendant. His desire began to grow when he had the opportunity to sit in the cockpit and watch the pilots take off and land in a Boeing 737. After spending 2 years at Sun Country Airlines as a flight attendant, Mark had gained great mentors amongst the pilot community – which lead him to pursue his ratings at Inflight. He completed everything in-house and went from zero time to CFII within 18 months. Mark is eager to share his aviation knowledge and exciting experience with the Inflight community.

Inflightpilottraining Instructor

Colin H – Instructor


Colin caught the flying bug his senior year of college after taking a discovery flight

out of pure curiosity. He attended Gustavus Adolphus College where he played four years of college hockey and received a bachelor’s degree in Financial Economics. Both his parents have worked in aviation for over 30 years and it was only a matter of time before he would follow suit. After working a few internships in finance, the standard 9-5 job was not going to be enough to spark his interests. Soon after that realization, Colin dove into pursuing aviation full-time while working as a line technician here at Flying Cloud. Over the next 18 months, Colin earned his certificates and ratings at Inflight and the rest is history. He is excited to continue learning and sharing his passion for flying with the Inflight community. When he is not flying airplanes, Colin enjoys backpacking with his family and playing his guitar.

Inflightpilottraining Instructor Benr

Ben R – Instructor


Ben first became interested in aviation at a very young age

with multiple family members being involved in the industry, and took his first flight at just 3 months old. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of New Hampshire, he moved down to Savannah and worked an office job for a year before his wife accepted a job that moved them back to the Twin Cities where he grew up. Ben didn’t want to return to the 9 to 5 life and decided to dive head first into a career as a Pilot, something he had always wanted to do. He completed all of his licenses and ratings at Inflight Pilot Training while also working as a line technician at Flying Cloud. He looks forward to passing on his knowledge and passion for flying to others, while recalling on experiences from flying in various parts of the country. When Ben isn’t flying, he enjoys exploring restaurants and breweries with his wife and dog for the best beer and chicken wings, or watching and playing hockey and lacrosse.

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Inflightpilottraining Instructor Drew

Drew – Instructor


Drew grew up in Southern California,

the son of a criminal defense attorney and investigator for the Orange County Public Defender’s Office. He first developed an interest in aviation through his grandfather, a WWII fighter pilot who flew missions over
France and who took Drew on family flights in his private aircraft. Drew’s family has ties to Minnesota through their home on Lake Bemidji, and Drew attended Macalester College in St. Paul, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science. After graduating, he worked as a consultant at PriceWaterhouse Coopers; but his weekly travel for work had his mind wondering about a career in aviation.

Drew began his training at Inflight in the Summer of 2019, and what started out as an exploratory attempt to see if aviation was right for him turned into a complete career change. He credits the great community at Inflight for helping him succeed along the way, and he looks forward to being part of that same group that helps other pilots grow in their aviation careers, whatever their goals may be.

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Aaron – Instructor


Born and raised in the Twin Cities, Aaron started his flying career at Inflight.

From the moment the plane left the ground on the discovery flight he was hooked on flying and hasn’t looked back. He is the first aviator in his family of healthcare professionals.

Aaron has always had an interest in aviation and airplanes. Through his time learning from Inflight and spending time around general aviation, his desire to contribute to safety and professionalism of the industry grew. He is excited to work with students to accomplish their personal aviation goals.

Outside of aviation, Aaron enjoys cross country skiing and can often be found on trails around the west metro. He also has recently dabbled in mountain climbing. Summers since picking up flying he can be found at the airport occasionally heading out to the woods to enjoy being outside.


Erin – Instructor



Wesley – Instructor


After getting a remote-controlled airplane in middle school

Wesley quickly became enamored with aviation. He started flight training in high school and quickly progressed through all his training, completing a vast majority of it at Inflight. Throughout his training, Wesley flew airplanes all over the country, and some of his favorite airports include Mackinac Island in Michigan, Cedar Key in Florida, and Pagosa Springs in Colorado. Now, as a CFI/CFII, Wesley enjoys sharing his passion for aviation with his students and exploring new and fun airports throughout the Midwest.

In addition to aviation, Wesley studied Computer Science at the University of Northwestern in St Paul, MN and ran track and field and cross country for Eden Prairie High School and eventually in college as well. In his free time, Wesley continues to run both competitively and casually today, and he enjoys hiking, hockey, and pretty much every other sport.