FAA Knowledge Exam Testing Locations

Now that you’ve studied and have your sign off the next step in the process for any FAA Certificate or Rating is to schedule your knowledge exam.

The two approved locations for FAA Knowledge Exam Testing that are endorsed by Inflight Pilot Training are:



6550 York Ave S, Edina, MN 55435


6053 Hudson Rd, Suite 210, Woodbury, MN 55125



The cost for the exams are $96.If you go elsewhere you will end up paying $64 more for a convenience fee. Save time and money by going to the locations above.


The FAA Knowledge Exam can be scheduled by calling 844-704-1487 or online here


Steps for signing signing up and scheduling an FAA Knowledge Test

  1. The student will have to go to IACRA and register so they can get an FTN# (not necessary to apply to be a student pilot, just need to create a profile)
  2. Go to the CATS testing center website and create a login – faa.psiexams.com
  3. You will need to verify your email address before moving any further
  4. You will then fill out a registration form that asks for things like your birthday, address and citizenship
  5. You can then select the exam you would like to take (they do have a search bar at the top so you can type in private pilot and the exam will pop up)
  6. Verify that it is the test you want to take (we will have to inform the student the proper 3 letter code for the test; for example the private exam is PAR)
  7. They will then need to verify they have the proper endorsement to take the test.
  8. Then you can just schedule the exam for the date, time and location listed above that you would like.