Fun Places to Fly: Great Ways to Spend Labor Day in Minnesota

Inflightpilottraining labor day

Whether you’re a resident or not, Minnesota is a great place to fly thanks to its beautiful natural scenery, sprawling urban centers and many quaint towns. And with the upcoming holiday, what better way to spend time off work than by traveling to one of the many great destinations the state has to offer? If […]

Things to Do in Maple Grove, MN

Inflightpilottraining Fun Palces Maple Grove

As a western suburb of Minneapolis, Fun Things to Do in Maple Grove stands out in that it’s a great community to raise a family, start a business or even just visit on a weekend getaway. Thanks to its close proximity to Minneapolis, it’s got every amenity of the big city, but all the charm […]

Must-See in Minnetonka Attractions, MN

Inflightpilottraining Attractions in Minnetonka

Minnetonka Attractions is one of the Twin Cities’ most affluent suburbs, known for its phenomenal boating, recreational opportunities, shopping and entertainment venues. There’s plenty to do in this fantastic lake town — here are some of the top attractions in Minnetonka, MN. 1. Board the Steamboat Minnehaha More Information about Steamboat Minnehaha   Although it […]

8 Aviation Museums in Minnesota

Aviation Museums in Minnesota

When it comes to aviation history, Museums in Minnesota is chock-full of great museums celebrating everything from famous pilots, legendary aircraft and significant military art facts and much more. Let’s take a look at eight awesome aviation museums in the great Gopher State! *Note that COVID-19 restrictions may affect museum operating hours. Visit their respective […]

Best Shopping Destinations in Edina, MN

Inflightpilottraining - Shopping Destinations

The affluent suburb of Edina, Minnesota is home to plenty of high-end shopping Edina establishments, making it the ideal destination for those in search of the best retail therapy in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area. From luxury women’s fashion to expensive footwear to swanky home goods and beyond, it’s easy to max out your credit […]

The Best Fly-In Restaurants in the Midwest

Inflightpilottraining Fly In Restaurants at Midwest

You’ve heard of drive-through restaurants, dock-and-dine for boaters—but fly-in restaurants? Believe it or not, there are a ton of enchanting, five-star-worthy restaurants within or very near airports throughout the Midwest. These are the perfect place for pilots of all types to set their coordinates upon for a tasty meal, whether stopping on the way through […]

Best Places to Fly: 10 Amazingly Secluded Spots in the Midwest

Inflightpilottraining Fly Amazingly Spots In Midwest

Even though stay-in-place orders are loosening throughout the country, you may still be hesitant to go where crowds tend to gather. Thankfully, the Midwest is full of secluded spots that are perfect for a private getaway. If your travel plans have recently changed, there are other options that you should consider. Here are 10 amazingly secluded […]

7 Benefits of Flying Yourself to a Vacation Destination

Inflightpilottraining Flying Yourself to a Vacation Destination

If you’ve always thought about getting a pilot license, your upcoming vacation may provide the perfect motivation to do so. Rather than deal with the hassles of commercial airlines, flying yourself provides a number of benefits that will make the overall experience exponentially better. Here are seven reasons to fly yourself to your next vacation […]

Top General Aviation Airports in Minnesota

Brainerd lakes Regional Airport

There are a ton of general aviation airports throughout our state of Minnesota, serving pilots flying single- or twin-engine planes and other types of aircraft that aren’t suited for major airports. If you’re searching for the perfect destination, the airport you choose to land at can make a big difference in terms of the overall […]

10 Isolation-Friendly Getaway Spots in Minnesota

Isolation Friendly Getway Spots In Minnesota

In this day and age, you may be hesitant to plan a trip to somewhere crowded, like a theme park, sporting event, or beach resort hot spot. Thankfully, Minnesota is home to some of the most secluded destinations in the country, providing the perfect place to get away from people. If the recent pandemic has […]