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A Guide to Viewing Fourth of July Fireworks From Your Airplane

Fireworks From Your Airplane

As a private pilot, you are able to view the world in an entirely different way from the air compared to on the ground. And one of the best views from above comes once a year on the Fourth of July. The aerial view of a fireworks display, many times multiple displays depending on your […]

5 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Airplane’s Paint Job All Year Long

Maintaining your aircraft paint job will keep your plane looking great and protected from the elements, especially if you store it outside. A good maintenance schedule of ongoing washing, waxing and polishing, among other tasks, ensures that your aircraft will stay in tip-top condition. With a little work, you can keep your bird sparkling all […]

Spring into Flying: Aircraft Detailing Guide

Whether you’ve stored it or flew it throughout winter, your airplane may be in desperate need of a thorough cleaning this spring. Corrosives, pollutants, debris, grease, UV rays and even fluctuating temperatures can wreak havoc on your aircraft’s exterior. And the situation can be even worse in the cabin and cockpit. If your plane isn’t […]

5 Famous Pilots from Minnesota

Minnesota may be known for its bitterly cold winters, delicious hot dish and an abundance of lakes and waterways to explore, but did you also know its the home of several world-famous pilots? That’s right. Aviators of all types have come from the Gopher State – several of whom are world-record setters that left an indelible […]

A Private Pilot’s Guide on How to Prepare for Spring Flying

Spring Flying for Prepare

While the air still may be cold, spring is right around the corner – and you know what that means – it’s time to pull the airplane out of storage and head back to the sky.   In order to be safe and to make the most out of your springtime flights, consider these useful tips to […]

15 Most Famous Aircraft in History

Famous Aircraft in History

Throughout the course of history, there have been many aircraft that have set records and helped their pilots achieve greatness. Even non-aviators can appreciate the marvel of aircraft technology and how its developed over the past century. Whether we’re discussing an airplane, balloon, helicopter, spaceship, every aircraft has left its mark—not only in the world […]

A Quick Guide to Aircraft Deicing a Small Aircraft

Aircraft Deicing a Small Aircraft

As you progress through flight school, you’ll likely come across the term “deicing”, especially if you’re learning to fly during winter or frequent colder weather climes. Before takeoff, you’ve probably seen large vehicles circling airplanes on the runway, spraying a green or orange fluid on the wings and tail. In short, this is just the […]

A Private Pilot’s Guide: What to Pack in a Winter Emergency Kit

Private pilots of all skill level should always be prepared in the event of an emergency. Now that winter is in full swing, it’s crucial that you gather the appropriate emergency materials in the event of a crash or forced landing. A winter emergency kit can mean the difference between making it until helps arrives […]