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Short & Soft Field

This course increases a pilot’s ability to use small aircraft to their full potential through familiarization and training to landing on non-paved surfaces. Some fun local history is included as well!

Night Flight

This course aims to expand a pilot’s envelope of experience by means of a 3-leg cross country flight exploring several airports and working on nighttime approaches and landings under varying circumstances.

Montana Mountain Flight

This course includes several days of flying and fun to help teach a pilot what it takes to fly a small airplane across the country to enjoy an amazing experience like skiing in the mountains of Montana.

Chicago Pizza

This course aims to expand the envelope of experience by a 3-leg cross country round trip flight, with dinner and a large exposure to busy class B airspace. The course is an all day adventure and comes with some awesome pizza and amazing views. It can be tailored as a VFR or IFR trip, depending on pilot preference.

Hiking, History, & Hamburgers

This course seeks to expand the pilot’s envelope of experience by a full day of using general aviation to get outside and hike, while exploring some fun local history, and enjoying good food!

Mackinac Island

This course is a fun weekend of seeing general aviation at its best. Pilots will see one of the jewels of the north, Mackinac Island, while learning about advanced flying topics and associated risk management.

Madeline Island Adventure

A half to full day experience, depending on aircraft, exploring fun and differing airports while enjoying local flavors. If you’ve never flown to Madeline Island, you owe it to yourself to check it out!

Right Seat Essentials

This course is an opportunity to spread the joy and freedom of flight, while decreasing risk for those who fly. This course is unique in that it is intended for people who have not yet achieved a pilot’s license.