The Best Travel Benefits Of Flying Your Own Plane

Benefits Of Flying Your Own Plane

For those who are licensed pilots, there are a number of travel benefits that accompany flying yourself on personal vacations or business trips. From an increase in route options, airport accessibility, convenience and more, there are countless reasons why flying your own plane beats alternative forms of travel, whether through the airlines, public transportation or […]

Best Hobbies For Adrenaline Junkies

Best Hobbies For Adrenaline Junkies

Are you always on the hunt for a new thrill? Something that pushes your limits to the max? Then you may want to consider picking up the Best Hobbies For Adrenaline Junkies. Whether that includes conquering the highest or lowest reaches of earth, exploring terrain on a new type of vehicle or learning a hair-raising […]

Best Hobbies For The Adventurous

Best Hobbies For The Adventurous

Adventurous hobbies aren’t for the faint of heart – no, they’re reserved for those who are always looking for new, challenging experiences that make them feel fulfilled in life. That’s why it’s so important to be passionate about something that you enjoy. And the right activity can help you find adventures around every corner. If […]

What Is The Best City To Live In On A $90K Salary

Best City To Live In On A $90K Salary

There’s been recent news that regional and major airlines have been improving their pay scales, with first time pilots earning $90,000 salary at regionals, while majors increase their hiring numbers by the thousands. In other words, there’s an opportunity for aviators to make a bundle in the next few years as organizations attempt to curb […]

The Biggest Benefits Of Private Aviation Travel

Benefits of Private Aviation Travel

For avid travelers, you’re likely always on the lookout for ways to improve the vacation experience. That includes the way in which you travel itself. While you may be fine bearing long-distance drives or the process of flying commercially, there’s absolutely nothing that beats private aviation as a means to travel. Whether you have a […]

Featured Alumni – Parker

Hello! My name is Parker and I received my PPL (private pilot license) from Inflight. I grew up in Plymouth, Minnesota and went to Wayzata High School.  I then moved on to college at Northern Michigan University where I received my undergraduate degree in Marketing.  Since graduating I have worked at a few different corporations […]

Why Are Aircraft Parts So Expensive?

Aircraft Parts So Expensive?

Why are Aircraft Parts so Expensive? Aircraft are a modern marvel of engineering, there’s no doubt about it. With many intricate components working together in unison to transport people thousands and thousands of miles around the world, it may seem obvious why Aircraft parts are expensive. However, there’s more contributing to the exorbitant price of […]

Keeping Your Piston Engine in Prime Condition

Piston Engine in Prime Condition

For those pilots flying piston-powered airplanes, here are some tips for keeping your engine in prime condition – let’s get started! PISTON-POWERED AIRCRAFT VS. TURBOPROP-POWERED AIRCRAFT Piston-powered engines operate much like a car engine, with pistons going up and down, generating enough power to turn a propeller. This type of engine is a descendant of traditional […]

Why Aircraft Maintenance is Important

Aircraft Maintenance is Important

As you’re soaring through the sky on a flight, the last thing you want to experience is aircraft failure. Keeping yourself and your passengers safe is the ultimate goal of flying – that’s why regular  aircraft maintenance  is important, and the practice should certainly never be underestimated. So buckle up! Let’s take a look at why aircraft […]

The Aviation Inspection Process

Aviation Inspection Process

10 IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT THE AVIATION INSPECTION PROCESS As those who take to the skies already know, owning an aircraft is an investment and keeping the aircraft safe and functional is the primary goal of every owner. Inspections are an important component of keeping a plane airworthy and can Include everything from the […]