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Our Aircraft Mechanics in Minnesota & Twin Cities utilize high-quality aviation fuel
for all our jets, either for training or traveling purposes. The mechanics with.


After discovering a love for working with my hands as a kid building and flying radio-controlled airplanes, I enrolled in an aviation maintenance program at a technical college.

During my time in school, I began taking flying lessons in an old Citabria and was soon experiencing aviation from another beautiful perspective. Maintaining airplanes has given me a greater appreciation and awareness of the requirement to do things right and, to the best of my ability, do them right the first time. When I’m not at the airport, you can probably find me exploring the outdoors with my wife and daughter or elbows deep in various home renovation projects. Blue Skies!


I started my professional career as an avionics technician with the United States Marine Corps repairing avionics systems in CH-46 and CH-53 helicopters

I started my professional career as an avionics technician with the United States Marine Corps repairing avionics systems in CH-46 and CH-53 helicopters. Directly following service, I worked at a few different manufacturing companies building industrial machinery ranging from portable cryogenic plants, to high-volume liquid-packaging machinery, to sewage grinders. The last twenty years of my career has been spent in the Operations side of start-up medical device companies which were developing devices and instrument systems for total hip replacements, spinal fusion / fixation, minimally invasive bone-end fracture fixation, electrical stimulation pain management, and mitral valve replacement.  In my spare time, for the past fourteen years I’ve built both a love of aviation and a Van’s RV-9A which completed its first flight and Phase I testing earlier this year.  It’s very exciting for me to use my hobby experience as a gateway to a new career with a great team.

Aircraft Mechanic in Twin Cities Minnesota


Hello! My name is Mike, and I started as a technician in the automotive world working for GM dealerships.

I caught the aviation bug after a flight in 2010 with my brother, who had just obtained his private pilot certificate. I was hooked from then on! I started looking for flight schools, and he recommended a new school called Inflight. I started training in early 2012 and had my private pilot certificate in 2013 — I added my instrument rating a couple of years later. I switched to aviation maintenance after the owner, Trever, reached out to me and asked if I wanted a change. I took the opportunity and left the automotive world behind in 2019. I have never been happier about my decision, and I genuinely love being in the aviation community! I will always do my best to keep your aircraft correctly maintained and, more importantly, safe. Blue skies!


Greetings! My name is Sam Niskanen, and I am a member of the Aircraft Maintenance Technician Team at Inflight.

My job is to ensure our fleet of aircraft is maintained and ready to fly safely. I know how important this role is because I am a pilot myself and own/maintain a 1947 Piper PA-11. Before working with Inflight, I was a Maintenance Trainer at Sun Country Airlines, Aircraft Maintenance Technician Instructor (A&P) for MCTC at Delta Airlines, spent several years rebuilding and restoring airplanes, owned a motorsports dealership, and worked as an Associate Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Engineer for McDonnell Douglas Aerospace. I like to travel, fly (ski flying is the best), ride, and collect/repair vintage motorcycles for fun. Also, I do my best to keep a small collection of old cars roadworthy. Stop by and say hello, fly safe, and have fun!


Hi, my name is Leigh, and I grew up in southeast Minnesota on a dairy farm.

My uncle, who flew combat missions over Southeast Asia, was my true source of inspiration for aviation. He took me to my first air show when I was eight, and I’ve loved aviation ever since. I’ve been working as an A&P mechanic for 25+ years and have worked on just about all types of aircraft. I’ve also been a Private Pilot for 22 years and enjoy the thrill of flight. I’m a big fan of English Premier League football, a supporter of Crystal Palace FC, and I hope to return to London soon.


We utilize high-quality aviation fuel for all our jets, either for training or  traveling  purposes. The mechanics with.