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Aircraft Maintenance Services Offered

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We utilize high-quality  aviation fuel  for all our jets, either for training or traveling or for aircraft maintenance service purposes. The mechanics with.
Airplane need Maintenance?

Annual Inspections

We know a thing or two about aircraft maintenance, and it all starts with the inspection. We don’t cut any corners and will ensure that your aircraft is ready to fly before you take off.
Aircraft Maintenance in twin cities minnesota


If you come to us with any discrepancies or malfunctions with your aircraft, our team of experts will be able to find the cause and get your plane flying back to normal.
Aviation Inspection Process

Oil Changes

Keeping your oil fresh will help keep your aircraft running smoothly. Let our team of mechanics take the hassle out of changing your own oil.
Aircraft Maintenance in twin cities minnesota

Engine Swaps

Maintaining a flight school fleet we do more engine swaps than any shop around. We have the expertise and know how to get your swap done in a timely and professional manner.
Car Maintenance Aircraft Maintenance

Sheet Metal Repair

Structural damage or cosmetic issues? We have a team of specialized mechanics who can patch or replace structures.
Aircraft Maintenance in Twin Cities Minnesota

Propeller Balancing

Propeller balancing is the process whereby an electronic balancer is used to measure the vibration produced by the aircraft power plant. Smooth out vibrations and reduce wear on engine mounts and other engine components.

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We utilize high-quality aviation fuel for all our jets, either for training or traveling purposes. The mechanics with.