Advanced Night Flight


This course builds night flying skills through navigation and landings practice. This course aims to expand the envelope of experience by a 3-leg cross country round trip flight.
Night flight is an area of pilot experience that is often not as well developed as other aspects. In this course, the pilot will work on the following with the instructor to become more proficient as a night flyer! Below are some of the topics that will be part of this course:
  • Black hole approaches
  • Wildlife concerns at night
  • Airports with reduced weather reporting capability
  • Terrain concerns
  • Brightly lit areas vs. poorly lit areas
  • Blackout landings
  • Night flight emergencies
  • Airspace changes


This flight will focus on various scenarios of night flight, approaches and landings. Pricing for this course is as follows:

  • C152 – $610

  • C172 – $690

  • Arrow IV – $750

  • Cirrus SR20 – $990

  • Cirrus SR22 – $1450