Accelerated Courses

Why Choose Inflight Pilot Training For Your Accelerated Flight Training?

  • Inflight will help you achieve your goals while giving you the best flight training available.
  • Our flight instructors are professional and experienced.
  • We have very competitive pricing!
  • We will work with you every day until you obtain your certificate!
  • We are recognized nationally in the flight training community.
  • Discounted hotels in Eden Prairie, MN.

Accelerated Flight Training Catalog and Price List

This is perfect for the person that would like to give flying a try, but is not yet ready to become a Private Pilot. A great stepping stone towards the Private Pilot License! In this program you will receive pre-solo ground training, take a pre-solo written test, and perform your first solo. (A third class medical certificate is required for the solo flight)

In around three weeks you could realize your dream of becoming a Private Pilot! We will work with you every day until your certificate is in your hand. Let our experienced instructors help you learn the fundamentals of flight, weather, and everything else you need to know to be a proficient Private Pilot. Prerequisites: valid third class medical certificate. You will also be required to take a written test at a local testing center at your expense.

Fly with our experienced instructors and earn your Airplane Instrument Rating! We will work with you full time, gaining as much real world actual IFR flight time as the weather will allow. When you go for your checkride you will have confidence that not only will you be successful on the checkride, but that you will also be a capable and competent instrument pilot. Prerequisites: at least a third class medical, instrument written completed prior to arrival, and at least 40 hours of Pilot in Command cross country logged.

Work with our instructors to earn your CFII. Prerequisites: third class medical and must hold current flight instructor- airplane license and have completed CFII written test prior to arrival.

This is the course for the aspiring professional pilot! You can complete this course in approximately four to six months. We will work with you 7 days per week until you earn your commercial single and multiengine ratings as well as your CFI and CFII. Price does not include books, written test fees, examiner fees, or tax.

5Accelerated Flight Training prices include Minnesota Sales Tax of 8.775% (1.5% mac fee) For prices to be valid, training must be completed during consecutive days. Delays are possible due to weather or unexpected maintenance. Examiner Fee: $500  Discounted Hotel Rates as low as $70 per night!