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18 Reasons To Choose Private Aviation For Your Next Business Trip

In today’s fast-paced business world, time is money and you don’t need a heap of stress added to your plate with a hassle-filled travel process. When you’re trying to reduce the time spent traveling, maintain a level of comfortability or increase productivity while away from the office, private aviation may be the proper solution for your company.

Private aviation offers many benefits, such as flexibility, convenience and efficiency, making it an attractive option for busy professionals and companies as a whole. With that said, let’s take a look at the top reasons why traveling by jet is a great choice for your next business trip, whether you’re a seasoned business traveler or new to private aviation. 

1) Save Crucial Time 

One of the key advantages of flying private for business is the time savings. With private aviation, you can skip the lengthy check-in, security and boarding procedures that are typically associated with commercial flights. Simply arrive at the airport a few minutes before your flight and quickly board your private aircraft. This saves several hours on each leg of your trip, allowing you to arrive at your destination faster and giving you time to settle into your new surroundings. This is especially helpful if you have multiple destinations to visit, as it maximizes the time you have to conduct meetings, presentations, conferences and so on.

2) Calculate The Costs

If you’re cost-conscious about business travel, and are considering chartering a private business jet, consider that it’s sometimes the cheaper alternative to commercial airfare. Airplanes are available to rent, in prices ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on distance, size, fuel costs and a number of other factors. But, purchasing business class tickets on short notice can also cost you a pretty penny, sometimes thousands of dollars each. With the addition of time saved from avoiding the airlines, you may come out as a winner flying private – so make sure to run the numbers.

3) Improved Customer Relations

One of the biggest advantages of using a private plane for your business trip is the improved relationships you’ll be able to cultivate when you can freely travel. This may happen in a couple ways. One, you can meet your clients in more remote places that a commercial aircraft or even cars can’t go, making peers feel appreciated for the face time. Second, you can offer clients a unique and exclusive travel experience, by offering to meet on your company jet. Nothing else can create such a lasting impression. And, since eight in 10 executives prefer in-person meetings compared to virtual alternatives, flying private may become an important component of business operations.

4) More Flexibility

With private aviation, you gain the freedom to dictate many things like departure times, layovers, plane style and cabin comforts. This allows you to customize your travel arrangements to meet your specific needs as a jet-setting professional. When you have control of your itinerary, you can make quick changes to flight plans. It also makes sense when you want to bring a small team along, as the price for commercial airfare is sometimes more of a burden than the private option. 

5) Increased Productivity

With evidence that business aviation users feel more productive on private jets, it may be in your company’s best interest to charter. Within a more quiet and comfortable environment, you’ll be better able to type on your laptop, make phone calls, conduct meetings or even catch up on a recent TED talk – completely free from the distractions that come with commercial flights, driving yourself or other public transportation.

6) Obtain Your PPL & Fly Yourself

For those considering renting a charter plane, especially multiple times a year, it may make more sense to invest in yourself and obtain a private pilot license (PPL) so you can fly yourself and others to business meetings. In as little as a few weeks, given the proper training, you can fly solo to destinations around the world. Many local schools offer accelerated or traditional options that will teach you the proper skills to fly a small plane.

7) Privacy & Security

As you take off in a private jet, you leave the world behind. With this, comes a higher level of privacy and security than almost any other form of transportation. You’ll travel with peace of mind, knowing that your conversations and activities are not being monitored by any eavesdroppers on board or through your FAA-secured internet connection.

8) Go Wherever The Business Needs You To

A private jet is able to access airports that commercial airliners can’t. From smaller regional airports to more remote locations, you can go where your business needs you to. Meetings can no longer be restricted to Zoom – this gives you the opportunity to show face and truly impress clients or potential customers. From coast to coast and everywhere in between, this makes it much easier to conduct business in any area compared to other means of travel.

9) Improved Health and Safety

For those who are maintaining a more health-conscious outlook when it comes to business travel, flying private will help you follow proper social distancing guidelines and reduce contact with others. And unfortunately, long security lines, busy terminals and crowded cabins can be a big issue for at-risk individuals when flying commercially. Beyond this, private charter companies also take extra measures to maintain the ‘luxury appeal’ that their planes provide, so they’re generally cleaner and more sanitary.

10) Skip The Accommodations & Rental Car

With a small jet, you can make a day trip out of the journey rather than having to set up overnight accommodations. This is particularly helpful when you have multiple people or stops to make. Likewise, private jet charters often offer personal driver services that will pick you up practically on the runway and drop you off at any convention center, office building, restaurant or whenever you need to go to. This simplifies the whole travel process, saving you precious time and energy.

11) No-Hassle Travel

For those who dread the lines, from security checkpoints to the deplaning process to baggage claim, chartering a business jet will become an essential component. With private aviation, you don’t have to worry about a TSA shakedown, lost luggage, or unannounced flight cancellations or delays that disrupt your travel plans. With private aviation, you have more control over your itinerary and can avoid these common travel frustrations.

12) Concierge Experience

Many top-dollar private aviation companies serve a type of clientele that expect the best. That includes a high level of service and impeccable planes. Flying privately, you can expect cabins to have luxurious interiors, comfortable seats and top-of-the-line amenities like in-flight internet, big-screen TVs, secure phone lines, and tasty food and drinks. You can also expect personalized services, including catering, ground transportation, and personalized flight plans. This allows you to tailor your travel experience to your preferences and needs, making your business travel experience more comfortable.

13) Bring Your Coworkers

Bringing your coworkers or other internal stakeholders along for the trip provides you with several benefits. It gives you some time to collaborate or brainstorm on ideas, lets you run over any up-coming presentations, go over new sales leads – whatever it is that you need to accomplish. That’s much more than you can do when your team is split up on a commercial flight.

14) Bring Your Family

As long as it doesn’t go against company protocol, and you have some sway in the use of your company plane, you may be able to bring your family along for the trip. This gives you the opportunity to extend your business trip into a full on vacation with the people you love. Not only that, your spouse or children are sure to make a memory soaring through the sky in a private fashion.

15) Bring Your Friends

Similarly, friends may be able to piggyback off your success and enjoy a private flight or two on the company’s dime. Fly to your destination and get your meetings out of the way, then enjoy a long weekend exploring a new culture with your crew. If you’ve followed point six, you may even be able to impress them by renting a plane and flying everyone yourself.

16) Bring Your Pets

The decision to allow pets on your business flight is ultimately up to the charter company, but yes, you can generally bring a variety of domesticated animals on private planes. And, unlike on a commercial flight, they can sit in the cabin with you and enjoy the view from 40,000 feet above. Just remember to keep any necessary documents updated and follow the proper regulations when traveling to foreign regions or countries. Hollywood actor Johnny Depp was famously charged with improper licensing for his pets in Australia – so don’t try to skirt the rules!

17) Buying An Airplane May Be A Good Business Investment

While your business would likely need to be making hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in revenue, purchasing a small aircraft may be a smart professional investment. Like cars, some plane models may appreciate in value over time, particularly when they’re lightly used and regularly maintained. Additionally, those entities that purchase a business jet can deduct the full cost of their aircraft, new or used, and operation costs, as long as its main use is business related. This gives your company tax advantages that can keep overall rates lower. 

18) Pack Whatever You’d Like

When you choose private aviation, you aren’t restricted on the luggage you can bring along (within reason). Weight wise, there are generally much more relaxed restrictions compared to commercial airlines, so you can bring along heavy objects. Amount wise, as long as there’s space, you can virtually move the contents of your office via a twin-engine business jet. At the end of the trip, there’s no long wait at the luggage carousel or dealing with lost bags – your pilot or flight attendant may even carry your stuff for you, providing another layer of convenience. 

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