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15 Reasons To Join Inflight’s Private Pilot Training Program

When it comes to learning to fly, your choice of school and instructor will be perhaps the most important decision you make. This is because a good CFI makes the learning process fun and easy. As you start out with the private pilot license (PPL) training process, you’ll find that your instructor is someone who will be with you the whole way, doing everything they can to help you succeed against the requirements laid out by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Whether you’re searching for a new, exciting hobby that allows you to travel or want to eventually turn your ability to fly into a lucrative career, the first step is to obtain your PPL from a reputable organization. Let’s take a few minutes to examine why that organization should be Inflight Pilot Training, the premier flight school in the Twin Cities.

1) Community-Driven Flight School

As soon as you walk through our hangar or talk to one of our staff members, you’ll know that we treat flying as a way of life, not just as something to do. We strive to develop meaningful relationships with our students to help them reach licensing quicker and become more effective pilots. We’ll build your lesson plan around your objectives to ensure that you reach your goals, whether you want to stick with a PPL or move on to more complex certifications. We know how important community is because our leaders are pilots themselves. When you’re a part of the Inflight team, you become a part of our family. We welcome all aspiring pilots with open arms.

2) Pricing

The national average to get a private pilot license in the U.S. is $12,000 to $18,000. At Inflight Pilot Training, however, we come in at just over $13,500. With this small investment, you’ll get the freedom to fly yourself anywhere in the world. And, if you’re interested in a fun activity to do in your free time, then this is the only training course you’ll need to complete to become eligible to fly. If you’re interested in receiving an instrument rating, which allows you to fly in low-visibility conditions, we make it simple to add on and increase your overall abilities in the cockpit.

3) Scholarship & Financing Opportunities

Applying for scholarships is the best way to pay for flight training, as it’s free. Utilizing the Inflight network, we’ll help you apply for a number of scholarship opportunities that will help you afford costs incurred from learning to fly. From organizations like Blue Rudder to the Aircraft Owners And Pilots Organization (AOPA) to Women in Aviation (WAI), we’ll help you track down some funding so you can pursue your dreams of taking flight. For those who simply want to finance their education, we have several low-cost options available for a variety of training programs that range in price from $150 to $400 a month.

4) Top Of The Line Facilities

Based out of Flying Cloud Airport, the most popular reliever airport in the Twin Cities, you’ll enjoy learning within the walls of a world-class facility whenever you come to class or undergo training. It’s also the best airport in Minneapolis/St. Paul to learn at, because of the three runways that keeps excess traffic to a minimum, as well as a huge investment in new hangars, control towers, lounges and other facets of these facilities.

5) Accelerated Flight Training Options

If you want to complete the process as fast as possible, we offer accelerated flight training packages that take just a few weeks. With this, you’ll be undergoing flight training pretty much all day every day until you’ve passed the required 40-hour minimum laid out by the FAA. Going the traditional route may end up taking several months to obtain a PPL.

6) Become A Professional Pilot

If you do ultimately want to move beyond a PPL and become a professional pilot, we’ll accommodate you. Whether you’re searching for a commercial certificate or want to move all the way up and fly for the airlines someday, we have the experience and resources necessary to provide a first-class training experience to ensure you ultimately land a lucrative job. 

7) The Best Flight Instructors In Minnesota

Our team has over 30,000 hours of combined flight hours and numerous master-level certifications, giving you peace of mind knowing you’re in the hands of the most skilled flight instructors in Minnesota and throughout the country. With thousands of students successfully graduating from our hangars, we have what it takes to turn you into a high-performing pilot.

8) Personalized Approach To Flight Training

We have extensive expertise to make your flight training plan a success. We tailor your lessons around your individual needs, which provides a much better chance that you’ll ultimately become licensed. With a proprietary matching system that pairs you with the ideal instructor, you’re more likely to get started off on the right foot.

9) Impeccable Safety Record

As it should be, we put safety first for every student and staff member. Before being hired, our pilots are required to carry high marks in safety as a prerequisite. Not only do we practice safety, we teach it to our students as a core concept in ground school and during practical lessons. Work with the safest team of CFIs in the state at Inflight Pilot Training and stay focused on learning the information necessary to become a world-class pilot.

10) Largest Fleet Of Rental Aircraft

In Minnesota, you won’t find a larger, more versatile fleet of rental aircraft to learn on. From single-engine Cessnas to multi-engine Cirrus planes and so much more – no matter what type of flying you’re doing, we have a fleet with an impeccable maintenance record, high levels of safety and outfitted with the latest cockpit technology. Each of our planes undergo strict 100-hour inspections as laid out by the FAA, and are equipped with mandatory ADS-B transponders, Garmin GDL receivers, iPads and electronic checklists. We even have live traffic and weather radar to help you stay safe in the sky.

11) Flying Club

Our flying club is optional to join, but can provide some great perks if you’re interested in optimizing plane rental expenses while meeting others passionate about flying. The Inflight Pilot Club is open to any licensed pilots in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and is funded by a simple monthly fee of $60 – there is no massive upfront investment, hidden fees or costly upgrades to worry about like with other pilot clubs.

12) Cirrus Training Center

Cirrus Training Centers are found at only the most prominent flight schools. These organizations provide specialized training within Cirrus aircraft. With this, you can learn to fly the most advanced piston aircraft in the world and enter the future of small-plane aviation. Airplanes like the SR-22 are known for their safety, sleekness and ease of operation, and our Cirrus-certified instructors will help you master everything you need to know about these exciting machines.

13) Flight Simulator

Our fleet of aircraft doesn’t include the best planes in the state, but the best flight simulators  as well. The Elite Flight Simulator is a high-tech option for students who want some help learning practical skills in the cockpit. Equipped with a Garmin GNS430W, this IFR-certified GPS can be used to help keep your license current or event to reduce flying costs in a traditional airplane. Several hours done on a simulator can be used toward your total training hour requirements with a PPL. 

14) Aircraft Maintenance

Although teaching the art of flying is our passion, that’s not our only one. On the other side of the business, we operate one of the top aircraft maintenance shops in the midwest. If you own a plane that you’d like to learn on, we can make sure it’s up to date with its checks and help make it airworthy again. Even if you don’t own a plane, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that our entire fleet of planes is maintained by in-house mechanics, which reduces the chance for errors.

15) Active Online Community & Excellent Resources

Once you sign up for flight training, you get access to our exclusive online community. Here, you can post questions, befriend fellow students or enthusiasts, or share interesting content from the industry. We also offer a variety of excellent resources, from an entertaining aviation podcast to a regularly updated blog to networking opportunities to outside events, and so much more. Inflight Pilot Training provides you with these extra resources so that anyone who’s passionate about flying can immerse themselves in the subject. We aim to make the flight training process as fun and informative as possible.

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Whether you want to pursue it as a hobby or a career, we’ve helped countless students take the control wheel and soar to new heights with a PPL. Together, we develop personalized plans designed around your goals. With a high-quality fleet of airplanes, experienced crew, and diverse training programs, you’ll soar to new heights under our leadership. Let our team of certified flight instructors elevate your learning experience as you take to the skies. 

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