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Best Hobbies For Former Athletes

As a former athletes, you may sometimes find it difficult to adjust to a life without competitive sports. However, finding a new hobby helps to fill the void left behind and provide a sense of fulfillment as you progress through life. From outdoor activities to creative pursuits and everything in between, there are many rewarding activities for former athletes to explore. That will help you maintain your physical and mental health, while building a sense of purpose around your passion. Whether you’re looking to try something new or seeking inspiration to try something new, consider the following activities to narrow down your choice.


Coaching is a popular hobby among former athletes because it offers a way to stay connected to their favorite sport while giving back to the community. You can use your expertise and experience to mentor young players, help them develop their skills and reach their full potential. Not only does coaching provide a sense of purpose, but it also allows former athletes to impart their wisdom and inspire the next generation of athletes. Overall, coaching is an action-packed hobby that combines the love of sports with the satisfaction of making a positive impact on others.

Fitness Activities

Former athletes who are trying to stay fit should pay attention to a number of fitness activities that will help maintain physical and mental fitness. Try things like running, cycling, swimming or weightlifting, to challenge yourself like you would in your old athletic career. These activities not only help keep your body in shape, but fitness activities can also improve mental health, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide a positive outlet for emotional release. Whether participating in group fitness classes or working out solo, fitness activities can be a fun and fulfilling hobby for former athletes looking to stay in shape and reach new milestones.

Team Sports

Playing team sports is an excellent hobby for former athletes who miss the camaraderie and competition of playing with others. By participating in recreational leagues, intramurals or clubs, you can continue to play the sport you love and compete at a comfortable level. Team sports provide an opportunity for social interaction with others who share a passion for the sport. From pick-up games with friends to competitive leagues, playing on a team is a great way for former athletes to stay active and have fun with others.

Outdoor Activities

Looking for a new challenge away from home? Then consider picking up an outdoor hobby. Activities such as hiking, camping and rock climbing offer a unique combination of physical and mental stimulation. Hiking and camping provide an opportunity to explore new landscapes and connect with nature, while rock climbing tests your physical strength and mental fortitude. These types of activities also provide a great workout, helping to maintain physical fitness while providing a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction. 

Individual Sports

From tennis to golf to martial arts, individual sports offer both a challenge and the flexibility to participate on your own schedule. This hobby allows you to measure success against your own performance rather than relying on the success of a team. Additionally, the flexible scheduling of individual sports lets you participate on your own time, making it easier to fit into a busy schedule. Consider taking lessons, participating in tournaments or practicing at your leisure to try out this hobby for former athletes looking for a new challenge.

Volunteer With A Youth Sports Group

Volunteering with a youth sports group can be a worthwhile endeavor for former athletes who are looking to make a difference in the lives of young people. This type of volunteering provides an opportunity to share your love of sports and pass on your knowledge to the next generation. By working with young athletes, former athletes can help to instill important values such as teamwork, sportsmanship and a strong work ethic. Volunteering with a youth sports group is a fun and meaningful hobby for those who want to make a difference in the world.

Creative Hobbies For Former Athletes

Skip the gym and flex your mental muscles with creative hobbies like painting, writing, photography or music. These types of activities allow for self-expression and provide a way to tap into one’s imagination. Painting or photography, for example, is a therapeutic and relaxing hobby, and former athletes can learn to express themselves through color and form. Writing provides an outlet for personal reflection and storytelling, while music, whether playing an instrument or singing, taps into a unique form of creative expression and physical activity. 

Brewing Or Winemaking

After a hard day of competing, unwind with your favorite beverages, made by your own hand. Brewing beer, making wine or crafting another drink like coffee or kombucha, is a hobby that combines the science and art of fermentation. You’ll need to learn about ingredients, equipment and techniques involved in the brewing process, and have fun experimenting with different recipes and ingredients to create a savory flavor. This hobby can also be a fun and social activity, as former athletes can share their creations with friends and family, or join a homebrew club to connect with other enthusiasts.

Building Models

While this may not be the same adrenaline-fueled experience that comes with being out on the field, you’ll still be pushed in new ways when building models while using the skills you’ve developed in competition. Building models requires patience, attention to detail and well-developed fine motor skills. Former athletes can construct model cars, ships, airplanes or other objects using a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, or wood. This hobby provides an outlet to learn about the design and engineering of various objects, while developing fine motor and hand-eye coordination. Model building can also be a form of self-expression, as former athletes can choose their own colors, decorations, and themes to create a unique display.

Becoming A Pilot

Becoming a pilot is an exciting hobby that can provide former athletes with a new sense of challenge and adventure. This hobby combines technical knowledge, hand-eye coordination and a love of adventure, as you learn what it takes to become a licensed pilot. Learning to fly a plane offers the opportunity to see the world from a new perspective and explore new landscapes from the skies. The sense of accomplishment that comes with learning to fly is like winning a photo finish, and former athletes will enjoy the challenge of mastering this new skill. 

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Learning to fly provides a number of benefits as a hobby, including the ability to explore the world, development of a prestigious skill set and a sense of fulfillment once you become officially certified. Plus, it’s sure to satiate your desire for competition, provide physical and mental challenges, and provide a way to bring joy in your life. 

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