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Tips To Improve The Travel Process: Enjoy A Better Vacation

Travel season is upon us, meaning it’s time to start scheduling vacation activities, packing bags, checking into flights and preparing other travel plans so your trip goes smoothly. Of course, things can always go wrong during the travel process – thankfully, there are a few things you can do in order to keep your experience as best as possible. Take a look at these tips in order to improve your vacation this year.

Research & Plan

Even if your vacation plan is to, well, not have a plan, it’s best to research the area you’re traveling to before you leave. From different cultural customs, norms and languages, to currency or time zone changes, there are a lot of things to look out for so you have a safe, stress-free and enjoyable trip. Although tempting, once you arrive at your destination, don’t overfill your days with a bevy of activities because it can cut into your relaxation time. Create a list of “must-do” and “like-to-do” activities so you can craft the perfect balance with sightseeing.

Master The Packing Process

Packing is one of the most crucial components of a successful trip. Bring too much, and you’re stuck with a large haul throughout the trip and an increased potential to lose items, all for nothing. Bring too little, and you might leave something important behind. A recent report from Vox, showed that the psychology behind how much you pack will have a large impact on the type of trip you’ll have, so don’t just throw items into a bag and call it a day.

Upgrade Your Plane Seats

Better seats on your plane means you deplane earlier, allowing you to get to baggage claim or find a cab before other passengers. Plus, you’ll be enjoying your vacation that much faster. Upgrading your plane also means more room on the plane to stretch out and grab some pre-vacation rest. If you’re trying to score a free upgrade, it helps to be a frequent flier or have the airline’s credit card, but as long as your flight isn’t full, you may score upgrades by simply asking at the front desk.

Sometimes, Driving Makes More Sense

It’s important to understand when driving makes more sense than flying – both from a standpoint of economics and comfort. It’s about a four-hour cut-off, considering the time it takes to go through security, fly and land at your destination, versus just hopping in a car and making the drive. While driving may seem like a cheaper option, depending on local gas prices, vehicle wear-and-tear and other fees like parking, insurance, accident risks, it adds up. Here’s a fly or drive calculator that will help you run the numbers. 

Choose The Best Connecting Flights

Plan your flight routes to go through what are considered the best cities to connect through. From Boston to Chicago to Las Vegas and beyond, there are several airports that may make for a trip in and of themselves. Plus, better layovers will help maximize your budget and give you more time to spend relaxing in nicer accommodations and upscale locations.

Fly Privately

For affluent individuals, flying privately beats out traveling via commercial airlines by a longshot. With a private jet, there are no security lines, baggage checks or waiting around, and the meals are actually tasty. In-flight entertainment includes internet connectivity, televisions and audio systems that are operated by you. Take a look at even more reasons to choose private aviation travel vs. commercial airlines.

Pick Up Some Luxury Travel Accessories

There’s a whole industry out there dedicated to luxury items for your travel adventures. For example, neck pillows give you the support you need to stay comfortable in coach class; noise-canceling headphones will drown out any outside noise and let blare your favorite Netflix show; and a nice watch or leather handbag will ensure that you’re always on schedule and your stuff is securely organized.

Fly Yourself

Nothing gives you more control over your travel plans than being a licensed pilot. Simply rent a plane, toss in your luggage, gather your passengers and take-off toward the world’s top destinations. You’ll be vacationing in exclusive style. Small airplanes are also able to go where private jets and commercial airplanes cannot, meaning you can access some of the most remote, hard-to-reach areas!

It’s time to travel how you want – become a pilot today!

If you’re tired of the hassles of commercial flights, the cost of private planes or the time it takes to drive to your destinations, flying yourself can be the best alternative. You have complete control over your travel itineraries, while gaining access to some of the most unique destinations in the world. 

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