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10 Best Hobbies For Young Adults

The hobbies you pursue as a young adult can have a big impact in your personal or professional life later on in life. They also help you grow as a person and develop skills around the activities that interest you. Whether you’re in your late teens or early twenties, there are all sorts of fun activities you should try before you get set in your ways. If you’re searching for a new hobby to take on as a young adult, here are a few options that are sure to excite you. Let’s learn more!

1) Programming

Your teenage years are when you need to start developing the skills you’ll use later on in your professional life. And, all signs point toward a strong outlook in need of programmers of software, video games, apps and so forth. If you’re searching for a comfortable, high-paying and challenging career – or even just a fun hobby – programming can be a STEM hobby that pays dividends down the road.

2) Start A Vlog

It’s 2023, so isn’t it time you started your video blog? Documenting the aspects of your life and sharing them with the world, a vlog is a great place to show off your passions, while increasing connections with others online and interacting with technology. From your own website to a social media platform like TikTok, there are many ways to upload videos of yourself having fun while partaking in your hobbies.

3) Physical Activities

From lifting weights at the gym to joining an intramural sports team to starting a club or taking yoga classes – the best time to get into good physical activity habits is at a young age. Your body is more resistant to injury, exercise improves mood, and the physical and mental stimulation makes you more effective in the workplace. Overall, high levels of physical activity support a hustler mentality.

4) Homebrewing

For those on the upper echelon of young adulthood, homebrewing can be a great hobby. Learn how to mix beer, wine or liquor while you save money and learn something new about the brewing process. For non-drinkers, there’s also the option of brewing small-batch coffee, homemade kombucha or root beer. Best of all, you can do it right from your basement or garage.

5) Cooking

Learn to cook so that you’re prepared to follow a healthy diet as you enter adulthood. Sharpen your culinary skills by playing chef and making your favorite dishes from scratch. Those who can whip up a delicious meal are about to be the most popular resident in the dormitory. The scent of a delicious home-cooked meal  will attract new friends from around the building.

6) Flex Your Artistic Muscle

Now is the time to immerse yourself in a certain art form that you’re passionate about. Try capturing action shots on your DSLR camera, patching together video sequences directly off your iPhone, drawing or painting the next Mona Lisa, or improving your musical skills in a band. There’s no shortage of options for those with a strong sense of creativity.

7) Mentor & Volunteer

Tutoring young students or mentoring peers in other capacities can be just the thing you need to feel good lending a helping hand. Someone who’s in their late teens or early twenties is at a good age to mentor others in need. In a similar vein, consider volunteering around a cause that you are concerned about. Causes include things like animal welfare, the environment, fighting poverty, and plenty of others.

8) International Travel

See what else exists beyond your local area by traveling to new destinations. From the vast wilderness of North America to the tropical beauty of the Pacific Islands to the culture of Europe and anywhere else. Get started with your worldly adventure by planning an international trip today.

9) Take A Road Trip

Right now, you have the freedom and some gas money to head out on the classic American road trip. Gather a few friends and choose a destination (or don’t) and set out toward the great unknown, exploring the country’s splendor, experiencing historic sights and meeting new people. 

10) Learning To Fly

You can take flying lessons at any age, although it’s perhaps best to do it once you hit the age of 16, as that’s the age you can operate an aircraft solo. You’re allowed to become licensed at 17 years of age. Learning to fly gives you many great opportunities to explore the world, join a high-paying industry and set yourself up for professional success in the future. In fact, it’s one of the best career paths in the world, with record salary levels and job demand numbers.