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The Best Pilot Clubs In The Twin Cities

You’re gearing up for another day in the cockpit – but wouldn’t it be great to fly at a reduced rate and mix up your airplane selection while mingling with friends?

Flying clubs provide you with a way to get up in the air more often for a lowered cost. In return for your membership dues, you enjoy reduced fares for plane rental, greater access to one or multiple airplanes, and the social benefits of flying with fellow enthusiasts.

It’s a great option for frequent fliers. Students pursuing a high-level certification may need to build up cockpit hours and the reduced rate goes a long way; retired pilots who want to spend their leisure time flying with friends and family; and of course, current pilots who want to stay sharp on their days off while partaking in a lively community. Thankfully, the Twin Cities is chock-full of many outstanding flying organizations that you can join today.

The Best Flying Clubs in Minneapolis/St. Paul

There are flying clubs throughout Minneapolis/St. Paul, located at the six reliever airports and beyond. Let’s explore some more information about the best options for pilots around the area.

Inflight Pilot Training

With one of the largest fleets of small aircraft rentals in Minnesota, you’ll never get bored as a member of Inflight Pilot Training’s flying club. With a variety of Beechcraft, Cessna, Piper and Cirrus aircraft, all immaculately maintained and equipped with the latest cockpit technology, you’ll receive a first-class experience on every journey. There’s a low upfront investment of just $199, with absolutely no hidden assessment fees or mandatory upgrades. Other benefits include discounts on lessons and merchandise at the Pilot Shop, as well as access to an exclusive networking community and concierge level service with every rental. Join the ranks of some of the most elite pilots in the Twin Cities with an application today.

Airport: Flying Cloud Airport (FCM)
Address: 13801 Pioneer Trail, Eden Prairie, MN 55347
Phone: (952) 698-3000
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Tailwinds Flying Club

If you’re a fan of Pipers, Tailwinds Flying Club has three of them, all recently updated with glass panels, digital autopilots and matching avionics. The Archer II, the Dakota and a Cherokee Six/300 occupy this club’s hangar, and with a buy-in cost of $5,000, you become co-owner of one of these fine aircraft. Additionally, you can participate in safety sessions throughout the year, monthly lunches, and regular washing and waxing parties.

Airport: Lake Elmo Airport (21D)
Address: 3275 Manning Ave N., Lake Elmo, MN 45042
Phone: (612) 584-1740
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Club Cherokee

Founded in 1987, this flying club located at Crystal Airport has been going strong for over 30 years. Club Cherokee is open to accepting pilots from all backgrounds and experience levels. Even those who’ve never been in the left seat. Here, you’ll have access to a fleet of six well-maintained aircraft from entry level to high-performance, and a larger group that comes in at around 90 members.

Airport: Crystal Airport (KMIC)
Address: Delta 9, #74C, Crystal, MN 55429
Phone: (763) 296-7300
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Gateway Flying Club

Formed in the 1970s at the original Gateway Airport, this flying club now operates out of the Anoka County Blaine Airport. With four airplanes in their fleet, each running 300 hours of flight time per year, this non-profit organization offers three Cessnas (Skyhawk, Cardinal, Skylane) and one Piper Lance. There are a maximum of 45 equity shares, which a member purchases in an open market setting for a non-fixed price.

Airport: Anoka County-Blaine Airport – Jane’s Field (ANE)
Address: 2241 Colorado Ave NE​ Blaine, MN 55449
Phone: (763) 280-3434
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Airlake Aero Flying Club

With a fleet of four airplanes and membership level of 50, you’ll find a serious community of pilots, young and old, at Airlake Aero Flying Club. With benefits like automatic family memberships and vacation flights, you can make the travel process more fun than ever. Thanks to its location about 30 miles from downtown Minneapolis, you get to fly in the outer reaches of the Twin Cities, exploring its expansive airspace away from the hustle and bustle of the larger airports.

Airport: Airlake Airport (LVN)
Address: 22100 Hamburg Ave, Lakeville, MN 55044
Phone: (612) 293-6679
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Air Trek North

At this St. Paul flying club, you’ll find a more affordable membership fee of about $600, with monthly fees of $150 a month. Joining up gives you access to a mix of single-prop Pipers and Cessnas, and a twin engine Beechcraft Baron. Like other flying clubs on the list, they have heated hangars that keep their planes in tip-top shape and an online scheduling system to make renting easy.

Airport: Fleming Field – South St. Paul Airport (SGS)
Address: 1620 Henry Ave, South St Paul, MN 55075
Phone: (952) 594-1184
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North Star Flyers

As one of the largest pilot clubs in Minneapolis/St. Paul, with membership numbers that have reached over 100, you’re likely to find a fun flying partner at the North Star Flyers. Here, you’ll be given unrestricted access to the hangar that’s located at ANE, as well as invites to community parties, flying competitions and other social events. With five planes, including two Pipers, a Cessna, Beechcraft and Bellanca, you’ll get plenty of chances to fly fun single-prop planes. For a single share (one per member), the buy-in is $600, while monthly dues are $55.

Airport: Anoka County-Blaine Airport – Jane’s Field (ANE)
Address: 2451 Nebraska Ave, Blaine, MN 55449
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Delta Aviation Flying Club

For those who are on the northwest side of the Twin Cities metro, take a look at Delta Aviation Flying Club. Located in Buffalo, you can join this organization for $2,500 and $80 in monthly fees. They also provide no-hassle online booking, monthly meetings and two planes to fly – a Cessna 172 and 182, both equipped with Garmin 430W GPS and modern ADS-B transponders.

Airport: Buffalo Municipal Airport (CFE)
Address: 606 W 6th St, Monticello, MN 55362
Phone: (612) 900-4317
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Are you searching for the best flying club in the Twin Cities?

Inflight Pilot Training has the best prices, largest selection of rental aircraft and strongest community among Twin Cities flying clubs. If you’re looking to partner with a collective organization that passes the most benefits back to members. There’s no better choice than joining up with our group at Flying Cloud Airport.

Learn more about the Inflight Flying Club, or call (952) 698-3000 to find out about our planes, pricing and community.