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8 Best Things About Being A Regional Airline Pilot

Are you considering a career in the airline industry? Those pilots who’ve completed their airline transport pilot (ATP) license or are well on their way, are entering the field of aviation at the right time. Thanks to a large shortage of pilots, regional carriers are hiring by the thousands, so you may be able to land a high-paying job quickly. But, that’s not the only great part about becoming a regional airline pilot – let’s take a look at some of the things you can look forward to in this exciting job.

1) You’re In-Demand

Because of the shortage, regional airline pilots are in-demand now more than ever. Major airlines are snatching up all the competent pilots from regional airlines rather than from the military. As such, there are large amounts of hiring happening in order to fill vacancies around the industry. Additionally, regional airlines are enticing new employees with hefty perks. In other words, your value as a skilled pilot likely won’t go unnoticed.

2) You’ll Be A Top Earner

Some rookie pilots are making upwards of $90,000 a year signing on with regional airlines. As such, you’ll be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle, assuming you don’t have crushing debts or a lot of mouths to feed. In the U.S., $90K is in the top 20 percent of earners and should go far with a responsible financial plan in place. From there, it only goes up. If you continue advancing, regional airline captains often make upwards of $125,000, increasing regularly as experience grows.

3) Free Flights

Outside of flying for work, regional airline pilots do often fly for free or at heavily discounted rates. You might even be able to score free or discounted tickets for family and friends as well. This is just a perk of working for a regional airline, but will depend on things like your employer’s rules, your rank and how busy your schedule is. On your time off, you can travel the world, enjoying new cultures and exotic locations.

4) Other Great Job Benefits

Like other specialized professions, you’ll be rewarded with great job benefits, from health care to retirement packages to generous time off. In fact, most junior pilots get around 12 days off per month, while veteran pilots often get several weeks off per month.

5) Work In Service Of Others

At the end of the day, being a regional airline pilot is a customer service job. You’ll be interacting with not only customers and clients from all walks of life, but a talented flight crew and co-pilot. If you’re someone who loves interacting with others, then becoming a regional airline pilot may be the ideal position.

6) It’s The Best Job In The World

This might go without saying, but being a pilot and flying narrow body planes on short flights throughout the United States is one of the most enjoyable jobs in the world. Everytime you take-off in an airliner will be like the first time you stepped foot in the cockpit – you’ll have an undeniable sense of excitement. Rather than sitting at a desk, your office will be thousands of feet in the sky as you command your craft safely from point A to B.

7) You’re On Your Way To Becoming The Top In Your Field

After graduating from a professional pilot program, you’ll be well on your way to building experience and seniority from the cockpit. Starting out as a regional airline pilot is a good way to gain the necessary experience to move from officer to captain, should you be so inclined to reach the highest rank of the profession. Captains must have 3,000 hours of flying time, while shouldering the responsibility for the entire craft and all the souls on board.

8) It’s A Great Time To Become A Regional Airline Pilot

Now that you know some of the best parts about being a regional airline pilot, you’re likely clamoring to apply for one of the many open job opportunities. Whether you’re searching for an exciting and high-paying career, a job that offers great benefits or something that doesn’t involve a desk and paperwork, then becoming a regional airline pilot is the perfect job for you.

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