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10 Best Aspects Of Being A Major Airline Pilot

Are you thinking about becoming a pilot for a major airline? Whether you’re just starting out on your flight training or are already applying for industry-leading jobs, there’s nothing as exciting as the prospect of flying commercial airliners. So, if you can hardly wait, here are a few more reasons why you should stay on the path toward becoming a major airline pilot – let’s take a look!

1) Travel The World

Traveling the world is one of the best parts of any pilot job. But as a commercial airline pilot, you’ll be flying some of the most sought-after routes in the world. With time off between return flights, you have plenty of time to explore exotic cities and cultures, with hotels, transportation and meals paid for. Best of all, pilots don’t have traditional work-related tasks hampering travel time, like meetings, filing paperwork or entertaining clients.

2) In-Demand Job With Rising Pay

Airline pilots have been fighting for a raise in pay and benefits for several years, and the industry is finally tipping in their favor. Because of the pilot shortage, the industry needs to fill over 18,000 openings for airline and commercial pilots over the ten years. And, because there’s such high demand, major airlines are paying huge salaries, signing bonuses and benefits packages to attract new talent.

3) Make A Great Salary

As an airline pilot, you’ll have the salary to pursue your dream lifestyle. As of last year, the median annual wages for scheduled air transportation pilots was over $207,000. Even rookie pilots are making upwards of $90,000 salaries from regional airlines. In addition, airline pilots receive an expense allowance, or per diem, for every hour they are working, which can be even higher for international routes.

4) Write Your Ticket

With experience as an airline pilot, you can pretty much write your ticket for any future career or personal endeavors. This may lead to you becoming a board member for a relevant charity or professional organization, starting your own flight school, becoming an aviation influencer on social media, selling airplanes as a broker, or switching career paths completely. A pilot on a major airline looks great on a résumé.

5) Retire At 65

The FAA mandates that airline pilots must retire at the age of 65. If a retirement package is included in your benefits package and you’re sorted financially, you won’t have to work another day in your life. Of course, you can still fly indefinitely, granted you’ve passed all the proper medical exams and flight reviews – you may even be able to make some money working for a charter company or as a corporate pilot, or participate in a charity program donating your flying expertise.

6) Gain Prestige

Being an airline pilot means you occupy one of the most respected professions in the world. You’re sure to gain a sense of prestige and accomplishment after going through the rigorous training process that got you into the cockpit. As you safely charter people from destination A to B, people are sure to pay you the respect you’ve worked hard to earn.

7) Enjoy A Unique Schedule

If you’re someone who’s resistant to the traditional 9-5 desk job, becoming a major airline pilot is sure to keep your schedule fresh. The FAA restricts how often you can fly per month, with most airline pilots flying an average of 75 hours. Another 150 hours or so is spent performing other duties like detailing flight plans, determining weather conditions and preparing crews. You may fly to your destination, sleep overnight and fly back in the morning, followed by several days off for rest. Overall, it’s a great deal for those who dislike the monotony of working in an office.

8) Work With Talented People

The airline industry hires some of the world’s most talented pilots, as they can attract candidates from regional airlines, international airlines and the military. Additionally, flight crew and other airline employees have to undergo a rigorous hiring process to be deemed qualified to work for such a heavily scrutinized industry. If you’ve always wanted to surround yourself with the best coworkers, the airline industry is where you’ll find them.

9) Enjoy Great Benefits

When you’re employed by one of the major airlines, you’ll likely be offered a top-tier benefits package. This might include things like plenty of paid time off that accrues over time, health, life, vision and dental insurance, and a company-paid retirement. In addition, you’ll likely get free or discounted tickets for yourself, family and possibly friends, so you can spoil your favorite people with affordable flights around the world.

10) Reach The Top Of Your Field

Becoming an airline pilot is often the end goal of many who want to pursue flying as a career. Whether you’re an officer or captain, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’ve reached the pinnacle of your industry, while flying some of the most impressive machinery in the world, like jumbo jets and narrow-body aircraft.

Now You Know The Best Parts Of Being An Airline Pilot

Now that you know some of the best aspects of pursuing a career as a major airline pilot, you have a lot to look forward to in your pursuit to a job filled with high pay, great benefits and lots of prestige. Overall, you’ll be living the good life as you spend your working hours chartering passengers safely from point to point, exploring all the world has to offer. No matter what part of your journey you’re on in becoming a pilot, all you need is the right training and time in the cockpit to set you on the right path.

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