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The Highest-Paying, In-Demand Jobs For Young People

For those young adults who want to carve their own path over the next decade, there are plenty of high-paying in-demand jobs that need to be filled by enthusiastic individuals like yourself. Some may require specialized training or secondary degrees, while others simply require a hard-working attitude. Regardless of qualifications, there’s a great career waiting for everyone, including you. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the highest-paying, in-demand and exciting jobs for youngsters to consider.

Web Development

Building websites, apps, video games and other software, web developers are in high demand as the field continues to mature. In fact, over the next decade, job openings will grow almost 25 percent, much faster than average. With a median salary of almost $80,000, you can expect to live comfortably working in the digital world. And, with so many chances to develop your own unique idea, the sky’s the limit as to earning potential. Senior developers commonly make more than $200,000 a year and can often name their price in many employment scenarios.

Registered Nurse

If you have a passion to work in the medical industry but don’t want to spend years in medical school. Becoming a registered nurse is a high-paying, in-demand option. In this position, you’ll help doctors and other medical specialists with patient care duties. With just a bachelor’s degree, you can find a salary within the mean range of $77,000 per year. As of now, there are over three million job openings in 2022 alone, meaning you’re likely to find work in this expansive field.

Delivery Driver

For those who wouldn’t mind making a living by picking up and dropping shipments off,. Then a delivery driver can make a surprisingly high salary in today’s ecommerce-driven economy. According to Indeed, the average salary is over $80,000 a year. Plus, most driving jobs only require minimum qualifications and a valid driver’s license to apply.

Major & Regional Airline Pilot

Because of the recent pilot shortage, regional airlines are increasing pilot salaries exponentially. While major airlines are hiring new pilots by the thousands. Several commercial operators are also offering signing bonuses, increased benefit incentives and professional training to help youngsters to carve out a career within the industry. Many first-time pilots can expect to make upwards of $90,000, while captains routinely make $150,000 and up.

Construction Managers

Construction managers are responsible for planning, budgeting and supervising a variety of building and infrastructure projects. With a median salary of almost $100,000 a year, those with a bachelor’s degree and on-the-job experience can expect to make a decent wage. With a growth outlook of eight percent. There are plenty of openings that need to be filled as the baby boomer generation continues to retire out of the workforce.

Wind Turbine Service Technicians

As the world hurtles toward renewable energy, the need for wind turbine service technicians is expected to grow by 44 percent in the next ten years. With a median pay of $56,000 per year, you can expect to work outdoors and at great heights as you install, repair and maintain turbines. You’ll be required to complete a postsecondary education in order to work in this specialized field.


If you have athletic prowess, turn it into a career as a sports competitor. The need for athletes is expected to increase by almost 6,000 jobs over the next decade, and offers a median wage of over $77,000. With no formal education required, the field is wide open to those young adults who can succeed on sheer talent, ability and work ethic alone.

Physician Assistants

Those willing to go the distance and obtain a master’s degree can become successful physician assistant. Making a median salary of over $121,000 a year in a rapidly growing industry. In this position, you can expect to work with medical patients, examining, diagnosing and providing treatment under the supervision of a physician.

Project Manager

Companies in almost every industry depend on project managers for the successful deployment of their services and products. Whether you want to work within advertising, construction, events, software or almost anywhere else, chances are you can find a high-paying project management job. The median pay for this position is around $94,000 a year . And has a seven percent growth outlook over ten years.

Corporate Pilots

Another aviation career that makes the list is the position of corporate pilot. Flying private and company planes for high-end clientele equals a high-paying salary with plenty of potential benefits like paid travel, commissions and generous amounts of time off. The base salary in the U.S. approaches $100,000 per year. And as more pilots rotate between positions because of the employment shortage, jobs will continue to open up.

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