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The Best Travel Benefits Of Flying Your Own Plane

For those who are licensed pilots, there are a number of travel benefits that accompany flying yourself on personal vacations or business trips. From an increase in route options, airport accessibility, convenience and more, there are countless reasons why flying your own plane beats alternative forms of travel, whether through the airlines, public transportation or driving. The best travel benefits of flying your own plane. You get access to enhanced route options, airport access, convenience and more.

So, if you’re looking for a few reasons to dust off your captain’s hat and hop into the cockpit for your next adventure, here they are.The best travel benefits of flying your own plane. You get access to enhanced route options, airport access, convenience and more.

Bring Passengers – Share Expenses

If you have a travel companion – whether a friend, spouse, child or even favorite pet – as a pilot, you’re allowed to bring passengers along for the ride. And, when the opportunity presents itself, they can even help share expenses for refueling fees or plane rental, stretching your travel dollars a little further.

Plan A Trip Around Your Favorite Sights

Cross off a few must-see items from your bucket list by planning a route that visits the country’s best sights. Whether it’s the Statue of Liberty in New York City, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming or the French Quarter in New Orleans, you can fly to the country’s most revered destinations with just a small amount of planning.

Plan A Trip Around Your Favorite Foods

When you can land and take-off where you wish, you can put together an itinerary that revolves around your appetite. Plan a trip that allows you to enjoy each of the day’s meals in individual cities and you can soon say that you’ve eaten at some of the best foodie destinations in the world.

Plan Business Trips Around Client Locations

Even if you serve clients that are located in the remote wilderness, you have a better chance at reaching them when flying private for business meetings. Small airplanes like Cessnas and Pipers are able to land at airstrips where commercial flights and jumbo jets simply don’t go. This makes it much easier to meet up with clients in person, no matter where they are.

Fly Domestically & Internationally

Not only can you fly to any of the 50 U.S. states with a private pilot license, but also Canada, Mexico and the rest of the world. As long as you follow flight requirements, produce the right documents and follow local customs regulations, you can fly anywhere you desire. This opens new travel opportunities that you may not find through any other form of transportation.

No Airline Hassles

From security hassles to long wait times to potential delays and lost luggage, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when flying commercially. Skip all of the hassle by renting and flying your own small airplane. As a pilot, all you need to do is show up, follow pre-flight procedures and take-off toward your destination.

No Driving Hassles

Besides the time and energy it takes to drive yourself to your favorite travel destinations, it still costs a lot between gas and maintenance expenses for long trips. Plus, you don’t get the added benefit of being able to get to your preferred destination in a reasonable amount of time, especially important on longer hauls. Your trip will take a fraction of the time in a small airplane.

No Public Transportation Hassles

If you decide to travel by way of bus or a train, you often run into the same hassles that you find at the airlines and the same inconveniences that you get from driving. Not only that, it’s hard to find a sense of privacy when you’re grouped onto a bus or train with hundreds of strangers. Flying yourself, you become the top decision maker as to where you’re going, how long it takes and who comes with.

It’s time to travel in style – obtain a pilot license and take control of your travels

If you’re tired of the hassles of commercial airlines, public transportation or driving, flying privately can be the best alternative. And, when you fly yourself, you have complete control over your personal and business trips. Want to hit the beach or meet up with a client on a whim? Simply hop in the cockpit, enter your coordinates and take off toward your destination – your travel life will see a huge upgrade.

The first step in taking control of your vacations is to obtain your private pilot license. If you’re excited to start flying anywhere, reach out to the team of certified instructors at Inflight Pilot Training to learn more about our training programs. In as little as a few weeks, you can become licensed to fly small airplanes to your favorite destinations. Soon enough, you’ll be traveling in style.

Contact Inflight today and find out what other huge advantages flying yourself has over flying on an airline. Let’s take off on a new adventure together!