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13 Best Hobbies For Retirees

The time has come to hang up your hat and call it quits at your job – and you’re likely excited to get started on what the next phase of your life is about to bring. Particularly because it means you’re now free to pursue something that’s new and exciting. Ignite your passion for whatever it is you’ve long dreamt of doing, because now is the time to delve into your hobbies.

A hobby for retirees can involve anything that lets you relax, tests your physical and mental strength, or spend time with friends and family. It’s really up to you. With that said, here are a few ideal hobbies that you can try when you’re enjoying the best years of your life.

1) Travel

Traveling is the ultimate retirement hobby, now that you have the freedom to go where you want. Whether it’s on a road trip across the country in your RV or a private flight to your favorite destinations around the world, retirement is the perfect time to explore the places you’ve always wanted to visit.

2) Join An Exercise Club

It’s important to stay active in retirement and keep your health in check, and an exercise club is a great way to do just that while staying social. Whether that includes walking, hiking, jogging, biking, intramural sports or something else, there is a club for almost everyone.

3) Woodworking

Whittle cutlery, build furniture or carve artistic sculptures by picking up a woodworking hobby during retirement. Even with a few small supplies, like a saw, T-square and hammer, you can get started crafting unique, handmade items like cutting boards, wall shelves or outdoor planters, for example.

4) Gardening

Develop a green thumb in retirement by working on a lush, healthy garden. Developing an attractive landscape is a great way to keep your mind and body active, while increasing curb appeal of your home to boot. Growing and harvesting your own food is another great way to cut back on monthly expenses.

5) Teaching

Share your life experience with those younger than you by becoming a teacher or mentor. Various adult education programs are always looking for educators, whether it’s a class like baking, electronics or art. Or, consider signing up as a substitute teacher for youth classes. At the end of the day, you may likely be able to earn some extra spending cash with this retirement hobby.

6) Try Your Hand At Art

No matter what type of art you enjoy, whether drawing, pottery, painting, photography – the process of making something is a great way to relax and even stay active. For example, throwing pottery keeps the hands nimble, while photography can take you to different places as you scour the terrain for the best shot.

7) Cooking

Cooking new dishes always presents an opportunity for experimentation. When you play chef, you’ll be on your way to experiencing global flavors, new cultures and fresh cuisines from faraway lands, right from the comfort of your own kitchen.

8) Explore Your Family’s History

Retirement is the perfect time to delve into the history of your family. And, with ancestry services out there today, it’s easier than ever to get a full view of your family tree. This may also give you a chance to identify and reconnect with those you may have lost touch with over the years.

9) Learn A New Language

If you’ve decided on traveling throughout your retirement years, then learning a new language can be a great skill to develop. Plus, it’s been shown to increase cognitive function as you age. There are a number of websites and apps out there that can teach you how to speak a new language without leaving the house.

10) Learn To Play An Instrument

Similar to learning a new language, playing an instrument is another great way to break a mental sweat while also building your fine motor skills. It also offers social opportunities when you join musical groups, meetups or clubs.

11) Road Trips & RVing

If the road is calling your name, driving excursions can make a great hobby during retirement. There are places to explore in every corner of the country, and a car or RV is a great way to see the sights first hand. There are a number of scenic American road trips that are a must-see during your retirement years.

12) Boating

From sailing to kayaking to jet skiing, it’s about time you’ve donned your sea legs and headed out on the water. Navigating the rivers, lakes or oceans is one of the best ways to spend retirement, as you try your hand at fishing, swimming, paddle boarding or just lounging around in the sun.

13) Learn To Fly

While airline pilots are forced to retire at 65, you’re never too old to obtain a private pilot license. As a private pilot, you can fly to any domestic and international destination, charting routes that take you on new and familiar journeys. As a pilot, you’ll see and experience life in a new way – something many retirement hobbies simply aren’t able to provide. For the ultimate activity in your golden years, give flight school a try and take-off on an unforgettable adventure.

Are you searching for the best retirement hobby? Take-off on a new life adventure by learning to fly.

Learning to fly provides a number of benefits as a hobby in retirement, including the ability to explore the world, development of a unique skill set and a huge sense of accomplishment once you complete training.

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