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The Biggest Benefits Of Private Aviation Travel

For avid travelers, you’re likely always on the lookout for ways to improve the vacation experience. That includes the way in which you travel itself. While you may be fine bearing long-distance drives or the process of flying commercially, there’s absolutely nothing that beats private aviation as a means to travel.

Whether you have a pilot license and are renting a small airplane or just hopping a ride on a private jet, let’s explore a few ways that private aviation will benefit you on your next trip.

Private Planes Go Where Commercial Planes Can’t

No matter where you want to go, as long as there’s a landing strip, a private airplane is likely able to safely touch down. So you can go where commercial airliners can’t. Additionally, you have unmatched flexibility with your travel schedule, so you can create a truly remarkable journey as you travel new routes on a whim. With more flexibility comes more adventure.

Private Aviation Provides More Peace & Quiet

Even if you fly first-class, it’s nearly impossible to get some “alone time” crammed onto a commercial flight with hundreds of strangers. For maximum privacy and security, you can’t get much better than on your own airplane. Whether you need to make important business calls to discuss sensitive information, want to listen to the radio full blast or simply want room to stretch out your legs, flying private is the way to go.

Private Aviation Is More Convenient

Even with pre-check, showing up two to three hours early and going through airport security is a hassle and cuts into time that could be better spent at your actual destination. And that’s not even considering connecting flights or airline delays. With private aviation, on the other hand, it’s possible to maximize your vacation time by flying directly to and from your destination, without any shake downs or runarounds – just get on your plane and take off.

Private Aviation Lets You Bring Friends & Family

Even if you have a basic private pilot license (PPL), you can bring along your favorite people (and pets!) along for the trip. And, passengers can split costs of renting, gas and other airplane fees incurred while traveling, saving money on your trip in the end. In this way, flying becomes part of the group experience, extending your vacation beyond the destination itself.

Private Aviation Keeps Travel Contactless

After the pandemic of 2020 and intermittent surges of the COVID-19 virus since, staying healthy is top of mind for many travelers. There’s nothing safer than traveling by way of private aviation. You show up at the hangar, board the airplane and arrive at your destination. There’s no interaction with transportation security, other passengers, gas station attendants or toll operators. You can even leave the mask and hand sanitizer behind, if you want.

Private Aviation Lets You Bring What You Want

There are all sorts of restrictions that a commercial airline puts in place on baggage and what you can or cannot bring. When you fly yourself or rent a private jet, you’re free to carry-on your favorite items. And, you’ll never have to worry about surprise luggage fees or waiting around for luggage that may or not make it to the baggage carousel.

Private Aviation Lets You Eat Your Favorite Meals

It’s no secret that food is not the strongest quality of an airline. And, even if you choose to drive, you’ll most likely be reduced to eating processed food from gas stations and bagged meals from fast food restaurants. With private aviation however, you can eat what you want. And, if you plan properly, you can avoid dining at the terminal and save on the extensive food markup found in the airport.

It’s time to travel in style – obtain a pilot license and take control of your vacations

If you’re tired of the hassles of flying commercial or the time it takes to drive to your destinations, flying privately can be the best alternative. And, when you fly yourself, you have complete control over your vacations. Want to lounge on a beach or ski up in the mountains on a whim? Simply hop in the cockpit, enter your coordinates and take off toward your destination – your travel life will see a huge upgrade.

The first step in taking control of your vacations is to obtain your private pilot license. If you’re excited to start flying anywhere, reach out to the team of certified instructors at Inflight Pilot Training to learn more about our training programs. In as little as a few weeks, you can become licensed to fly small airplanes to your favorite destinations. Soon enough, you’ll be traveling in style.

Contact Inflight today and find out what other huge advantages flying yourself has over flying on an airline. Let’s take off on a new adventure together!