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The Best Aspects Of Joining A Program At A Private Part 61 Flight School

If you’re considering obtaining a private pilot license to soar the skies, there are plenty of ways to go about completing the necessary education. The three most popular options, however, include going into the military, attending a university or college, or working with a private part 61 flight school. While each path has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, we think obtaining a pilot license at a private flight school is the clear winner – and here are a few reasons why. 

Strong Sense Of Community, Not Competition

Rather than an overtly competitive atmosphere, like you’d find in the military or through a university program, a private flight school program will foster a strong sense of community among its students. The most successful pilots are those who learn in an environment that allows them to grow in a collaborative way. Private flight schools often host networking events, put on alumni programs and operate pilot clubs, and may give you automatic access to many of these things as soon as you enroll. You’ll quickly belong to a group of countless like-minded individuals who share your passion for aviation. 

You’ll Be Treated Like Royalty

In the world of private flight instruction, those who offer the best customer service tend to find more success than those who don’t. As such, it’s likely that you’ll be partnered with an instructor who has proven that they provide a worthwhile educational experience. After all, a private flight school wouldn’t waste their money hiring someone who isn’t highly qualified for the job.

Access To The Best Flight Instructors

Not only does private enterprise attract some of the best flight instructors in the industry, you receive more personalized lesson plans and attention. Unlike the military or a university where it’s up to the student as to how successful they are, private instructors are hired to ensure that you not only pass the proper checks but that you excel in whatever certification program you’re participating in.

Payment Plans & Affordability

No matter how you plan on becoming certified, you’ll need to pay tuition fees. However, not many students have an extra few thousand dollars laying around. As such, a private flight training program will almost always have some sort of payment plan or financing system in place to help you reduce overall costs and set up something that doesn’t let you drown in high-interest monthly payments. Additionally, private flight training programs are more affordable than college programs overall.

Custom Graduation Timelines

With a private pilot program, you can customize your timeline as you see fit. You can complete what would normally take an entire year at a college or military in just a few weeks or months through things like Accelerated training programs. Or, if you want to do your training in longer chunks of time, rather than on a horizontal path, that’s okay too – ultimately, it’s your decision on how quickly or slowly you’d like to learn.

They Sometimes Work With Military & Universities

Some private flight schools have partnerships with military and university organizations which helps to expedite the training process and alleviate some of the costs. With this, you find yourself in a nice middle ground, where you can complete a certification program with a mixture of schooling styles.

State-Of-The-Art Facilities

Universities and the military may rely on funding from private donors or government entities, and thus may be told by a third party how and where to spend their dollars. A successful private flight school, on the other hand, will reinvest a substantial portion into improving their facilities, with Chief Pilots and other on-staff instructors overseeing major financial decisions. This means more money spent on the best airplanes, simulators, hangar spaces, classroom supplies and other resources that improve students’ educational experience.

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