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The 8 Best Aspects Of Being A Private Pilot

There are many benefits of obtaining a private pilot license (PPL) – from taking control of your personal vacations to joining a fun community of like-minded enthusiasts to enjoying a fun and challenging hobby – and you’re sure to see a major upgrade in your life after you graduate from a flight training program. Becoming a private pilot introduces you to a world of excitement as you explore the corners of the world in your small aircraft. But, that’s not all. But that’s not all. Let’s take a look at some of the 8 best aspects of being a private pilot in inflight School

1) Have Fun Traveling Privately

When it comes to vacationing on your own terms, nothing allows you to take control of your trips like becoming a private pilot. With a PPL, you’re able to travel to a variety of locations throughout the world, whether you’re vacationing on the beach, up in the mountains, out in the desert or flying off to any of your other favorite destinations.

2) A Challenging New Hobby

Those looking for a hobby that’s a bit further outside the box, becoming a private pilot is an unparalleled experience. Not only will you carry the prestigious private pilot title, you’ll have to conquer lesson plans that will test your physical and intellectual abilities. Once you pass the testing requirements, everytime you go up in the air, you’ll be pushed in ways that hobbies like golfing, arts and crafts, or birdwatching simply can’t compete with. 

3) Sense Of Community

Becoming a pilot means that you get access to an exclusive community of like-minded people who share your same love for aviation. At Inflight, for example, we encourage our students and alumni to participate in various organizations, charitable groups and networking events throughout the Twin Cities, while offering membership options to our Flying Club for discounts on aircraft rental and instruction. 

4) Treat Family & Friends

There’s nothing quite like being able to bring your favorite people (even pets!) along for the flight. As a private pilot, you can give friends and family a unique opportunity to go up in a small aircraft, whether for a quick out-and-back flight or a full-on trip to an exotic locale.

5) Set Up For Future Success

As a private pilot, you’ve checked off the first part of your training. Next, you can apply for other certifications that allow you to actually make money off flying. If you’re interested in becoming a pilot as a career, you won’t stop with a PPL. After building up enough flying hours and obtaining an instrument rating, you can apply for licenses that allow you to fly commercially, whether as a flight instructor, cargo pilot, airline pilot or a number of other exciting jobs.  

6) Not As Expensive As Commercial License

In a similar vein, if you’re happy flying on your own terms, a PPL is the most affordable licensing option, outside of a sport pilot certificate. Many people are happy as leisure fliers, and the PPL provides a nice middle ground between student and professional. A PPL still allows you to go on your trips and share flight expenses with passengers.

7) Make A Difference

As a pilot, you’re in a position to donate your time and unique expertise to various organizations that help the greater good. Flying for charity allows you to work for groups like Air Care Alliance, Angel Flight and Vital Flight, all of which help transport people for medical or special needs reasons. As a pilot, you can truly make a difference supplying a skill that’s in high demand.

8) You Can Still Make Money

If you really want to make money as a pilot, there are a small number of jobs that can net you some income, even if you only hold a PPL. This includes towing gliders, selling general aviation airplanes and instructing ground school. While these may not be as prestigious as flying cargo planes, corporate jets or jumbo airliners, they still provide a good way to put your license to work.


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