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When Do You Know It’s Time To Sign Up For Flight Instructor Training?

Flight schools in MN and around the world exist to help you become the pilot you want to be. If you’re ready for a new adventure in your professional career, you might want to consider signing up for flight instructor training and teach others how to fly an airplane. You’ll be paid to teach other aspiring pilots the curriculum and lessons necessary to keep our skies safe. It’s a rewarding career that allows you to build up more flight time while receiving compensation, whether you’re looking for a new job or to want to move up the professional chain of command.

With that said, here are a few key signs that will let you know that it’s time to become a certified flight instructor (CFI) – let’s take a look!

You’re Ready For A Career In Aviation

Whether you’re a youngster who is still building experience in the professional world or you’ve been working for years and are simply ready for a career change, aviation is an exciting, rewarding industry to join. As a CFI, you’re eligible to get paid to fly, teaching others how to navigate the skies safely and effectively. It’s an exciting career path that pays a decent wage and allows you to become the best aviator possible with the additional experience it provides.

You’ve Obtained A Commercial Pilot License

After you’ve completed the commercial pilot certification process, the next logical step is to sign up for CFI school. After obtaining a CFI license, you’re eligible to get paid to fly, and teaching others is bound to provide you the most excitement among entry-level pilot jobs. Plus, it’s one of the higher-paying positions for pilots trying to build more experience, with a median salary of $106,737.

People Are Asking You To Teach Them To Fly

You may have friends and family who seem jealous of your ability to fly airplanes, who’ve perhaps even asked you to take them for a ride or teach them how to fly themselves. This is a good indication that you’re ready for certified flight instructor training. If you’re still unsure after scoping out educational options, you can always interview the school you’re considering and ask them to supply some solid reasons why you should become an instructor.

You Want To Move Up The Certification Chain

Perhaps you have even bigger and better dreams of achieving an airline transport pilot (ATP) license, where you’ll charter passengers for the regional and international airlines. If that’s the case, you’ll need to start building up your training hours. Under normal circumstances, it requires at least 1,500 hours of training time to apply for ATP certification, meaning you need to start completing the hour requirements as soon as possible. Becoming a CFI allows you to do just that while also getting compensated for it.

Your Flight Instructors Encourage You To Become A CFI

If you’ve gone through your private pilot, instrument and commercial training, you’ve likely gotten to know several CFIs, likely who’ve had first-hand experience flying in tandem with you. In other words, they have the best gauge on whether you’d make a good CFI yourself based on your skills and personality. If they’re encouraging you to become a flight instructor, then it’s probably a good idea to heed their advice and leap into the process.

Is It Time To Sign Up For Flight Instructor Training?

After you’ve experienced some of the key signs above, you’ll know that it’s time to sign up for flight instructor training. Whether you’re searching for an exciting new career, a way to fly while getting paid or the chance to build up more flying experience, becoming a CFI is a rewarding endeavor. So, if you’re ready to take-off on a new adventure, consider signing up for a reputable flight instructor training program today – best of luck!

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