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What Should I Do After Graduating From A CFI Training Program? Steps To Take

Whether you’re trying to build flight time for bigger and better prospects or are searching for a rewarding career as an instructor, graduating from a CFI training program will provide the boost you need to see success. Here are some steps you should take after graduating from a CFI training program, whether you want to start your career, continue with your education or try flying something new. Let’s take a look.

Apply At Your CFI Training Center

A lot of times, the lowest-hanging fruit for job opportunities is through the organization who trained you. Since you’re already familiar with and friends with many of the CFIs on staff and probably even the chief flight instructor, you already have your foot in the door for current openings. Make sure to ask around the hangar about potential job opportunities, hiring events or future business expansions.

Look For CFI Jobs Elsewhere

Of course, once you achieve a CFI rating, you’re eligible to teach anywhere around the country. This opens you up to a world of adventure – if you’ve dreamt of working along the sea-side coasts, the imposing Rocky Mountains, the laidback plains of the Midwest or anywhere else, the opportunities are virtually endless. Plus, with the massive pilot shortage, CFIs are in high demand and will be for several more years.

Start Your Own Flight Training Business

After you graduate from a CFI training program, you can go out on your own to offer your services in your own way, whether as a freelance contractor or a small business owner with your own fleet of aircraft. This requires a solid business plan, smart marketing strategy, plenty of funding and navigating a number of regulatory hoops, but can be the ideal endeavor for a self-starting CFI.

Apply For Other Pilot Certifications

If you’re at the point where you’re finishing a CFI training program, you’re about to be eligible for some of the most advanced certifications and ratings available to pilots. This includes certified flight instructor – instrument (CFI-I), multi-engine instructor (MEI) and airline transport pilot (ATP) certificates. The knowledge you gain during your CFI training will set you up for success, since these advanced certificates require much more rigorous time requirements and complex training.

Teach And Build Your Flying Hours

While teaching others, you’ll become a much more competent aviator due to the sheer amount of flying you’re doing. This is a fantastic way to contribute hours toward more advanced ratings and certifications. For example, the ATP license requires a minimum of 1,500 hours of flying time to apply. The hours you accrue under CFI training and employment can help you check-off a lot of that time.

Try Flying Something New

After becoming a CFI, you may want to diversify your skills by trying to fly something other than the aircraft you learned on. Whether that’s a more advanced type of airplane, a helicopter or other rotorcraft, balloon, glider or some type of experimental aircraft, you’re now at a point where a lot of your skills cross over to other machines, so you can pick it up in almost no time.

Stay Sharp

Even though you’re now a certified flight instructor, you should never stop trying to become a better pilot. To stay sharp, make sure you’re always keeping up with the latest industry trends, newest flying technologies, modern teaching techniques, and even attending industry seminars or joining professional associations. Every good CFI knows that the learning never stops when it comes to flying!

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