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Top Benefits Of Attending Accredited Flight Schools

When you’re debating signing up at an accredited flight school, there are a few things to consider before taking off on your new training adventure. For those who are pursuing a career in the world of aviation, this type of program is a good way to achieve certain types of certification that can set you up for a job as an airline, corporate or charter pilot, and countless other types of employment. 

Accredited flight schools have established a certain minimum level of compliance that’s nationally recognized by groups like the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI). The AABI, created over 30 years ago, brought together over 100 higher-educational institutions to develop a set of standards and review processes to form a consistent foundation from which to teach students how to fly.

Today, Part 61 and Part 141 accredited flight schools are located throughout the country, supplying aspiring pilots with the rigorous training they need so that they can one day work in the aviation industry. With that said, here are the pros and cons of an accredited flight school – let’s take a look!

Benefits Of Accredited Flight Schools

There are plenty of reasons to choose an accredited flight school. From quality instruction to better access to high-tech equipment to the best professional development opportunities and much more, here are some of pros of an accredited flight school:

Quality Of Instruction

An accredited flight school has undergone an evaluation that ensures its curriculum is highly structured in accordance with standards laid out by the AABI. This type of educational endeavor resembles a traditional two-year or four-year university. At a top-tier training program, you’ll learn under some of the industry’s highest-qualified certified flight instructors (CFIs).  

Aircraft Fleet

In a similar vein, an accredited school has high standards for the type of aircraft and technology it supplies to students. From an impeccable fleet of aircraft to high-end training equipment like flight simulators, having access to the best training equipment gives you an upper hand during the training process.

Better Career Placement Opportunities

At the end of the day, the goal of attending an accredited flight school is to help you get placed in a lucrative, rewarding career after graduation. Depending on your type of program, you may be on track to achieve a commercial pilot license (CPL), instructor rating or even an airline transport pilot (ATP) license. All of these set you up for great aviation career opportunities down the road, whether you want to fly jumbo jets, charter private clients or teach others to fly, among a number of other great jobs.

Get The Best Services For Your Money

Because of the strict requirements set out by the FAA, accredited flight schools cost more compared to a non-accredited alternative. However, while many accredited flight training programs are hosted through a university and you may potentially pay more money, you’ll get access to the best educational opportunities and instructors in the country.

Optimal Training Timeline

The training process timeline is much more rigid at an accredited flight school. To have more control over your schedule, consider choosing an accredited Part 61 school, where your CFI builds a training plan together that suits your way of learning and lifestyle in terms of timeline and training capabilities. Compared to a Part 141 school, you get more flexibility in terms of lesson planning with this approach, which may allow you to complete portions of your schooling online or from a different training center.

The Ultimate Training Program

The practice of aviation isn’t something to take lightly, and as you go through your accredited training program, you’ll see that your instructors will educate you on everything right down to the very smallest details. These programs can last two to four years, giving you either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in aviation as you learn everything there is to know about being a pilot. After graduation, you’re sure to be considered a promising young talent in the sky.

Is An Accredited Flight School Right For You?

If you’re ready to leap into the flight training process, an accredited flight school can give you the best educational experience possible. For those who want to work in the aviation industry, accredited programs will help you become the best pilot possible and set you up for a lucrative career. But, even if you’re just interested in becoming a pilot as a hobby, choosing an accredited flight school will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re working with a group of instructors who’ve successfully met the industry’s most rigid performance standards.

Find An Accredited Flight School That Works With You

If you’re looking for an alternative to the classic, four-year schooling options, take a look at the accredited pilot programs offered by Inflight Pilot Training. When you work with our team, you can earn certification in less time through accelerated programs, while saving money on college tuition overhead. With a variety of licenses and learning plans, we design our programs around you, the student, so you have a better chance of being a successful aviator.


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