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How To Choose An Aviation School For Your Flight Instructor Training

When you’re trying to find the right flight instructor training organization, there are a few qualifications you should seek out in order to feel confident in your decision. Becoming a CFI is an adventure all its own, and after you’ve graduated from a training program, you’ll be able to make money teaching others how to fly. 

So, if you’re wondering what to look for when choosing an aviation school for your flight instructor training, here are a few key items. 

Look For Trustworthy Qualifications

Those who want to receive the best CFI education possible should search for an organization that shows off a high level of qualifications, whether that’s partnerships with industry associations, collegiate programs, professional networking organizations or another reputable group. This gives you the reassurance you need, proving that they’re a flight instructor school that can be trusted.

Ask About Safety

Those who are already CFIs don’t take their job lightly. The information taught during the training process can mean the difference between a successful flight and a disastrous one. It’s a CFI’s duty to keep every student safe and prepare them for any emergency scenarios, so they carry a large amount of responsibility for keeping your lessons safe yet stimulating. When choosing an aviation school for your flight instructor training, make sure to ask about safety records, lessons, and preparation processes so you can gain peace of mind knowing you’re in responsible hands.

Help Developing A Plan

Unlike other certifications and ratings, completing a CFI program isn’t defined by a set number of hours. This means that your flight instructor will be a big influence on what type of training takes place and how long it needs to last before you can pass your FAA knowledge test and checkride. That’s why it’s so important to choose a team of flight instructors that seem eager to help you put into a concrete plan for the successful completion of your CFI training.

Pursuing Advanced Certifications

If you’re interested in going above and beyond a CFI rating, it may be best to choose a flight school that offers even more advanced certifications. For example, you may want to pursue your instrument add-on as a CFI-I or become a multi-engine instructor (MEI). Even further, you may be building hours as a CFI as you work toward an airline transport pilot (ATP) license. If this is the case, it makes everything much easier and more efficient to keep each portion of your training under one roof.

Flight Instructors Are Encouraging

Always choose a flight instructor program that will keep you encouraged, confident and happy. There may be a time when your CFI will want to review something before allowing you to take a checkride or FAA written test. Trusting the path that your CFI has put you on will only make you a better aviator. One bad flight shouldn’t make or break your future as a pilot.

Maintenance Shop On-Site

Something you may not have considered is to ask about their in-house aircraft maintenance capabilities. Flight training facilities with their own mechanics will have better standards for their fleet of airplanes. With more access to higher-quality planes, your training won’t be interrupted as often and you’ll enjoy a better overall educational experience using impeccable equipment.

Consider Flight Instructor Job Opportunities

After you graduate, you’ll be itching to get started in this exciting new job. So, make sure that your training facility supplies some form of professional development, networking opportunities or help with employment placement. At the end of the process, you may even be qualified to apply for jobs at the very training center you learned at – since you already have a foot in the door, it should be easier to be considered for open CFI positions.

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