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7 Reasons To Give The Gift Of A Discovery Flight To The Aspiring Pilot In Your Life

If the special person in your life has a birthday coming up, it’s the holiday season or you’re just looking for a gift for any ‘ol occasion, a discovery flight is sure to be a big surprise. On a discovery flight, the gift recipient gets to go up in a private airplane and take the control wheel themselves under the direction of a professional instructor, experiencing what it’s like to zip through the sky unrestricted. And, if you’re interested in joining, it makes a memorable journey for two as you ride along. 

So, if you’re looking for the best gift to give, here are 10 reasons to buy a discovery flight for an aspiring pilot, or almost anyone!

1) Help Them See If The Like To Fly

Does your spouse always seem to look up as a plane travels overhead? Maybe your child is showing an interest in STEM fields and wants to try flying themselves. Whoever it is, a discovery flight is the best way to help them see if they want to pursue flying as a hobby or career. Sometimes, people get up in the air and realize the height or intensity isn’t right for them. Others find that it’s one of the most thrilling things they’ve ever done and want to continue by signing up for official lessons.

2) See If Lessons Are The Right Choice

Not only does the participant get to fly a plane under the direction of a certified instructor, they undergo some light training before, during and after the flight. This includes pre-flight operations, flying maneuvers, and post-flight procedures. Overall, this gives them a good preview as to what they can expect from attending flight school.

3) Don’t Just Give Them More “Stuff”

Many times, giving a material item as a gift does little more than provide short-term enjoyment. It’s a very nice thought, certainly, but a gift that’s centered around an experience is sure to provide more overall fulfillment to the recipient. Plus, if they do end up signing up for flight school at the discovery flight’s conclusion, you’ve given them a hobby that they’ll be able to enjoy their entire life.

4) Fly Different Types Of Aircraft

Every flight training company will have a unique fleet of aircraft, but most commonly, you’ll come across Cessnas, Pipers, Diamond and Cirrus airplane models. These are generally single-engine, two- or four-seat planes that push 150 to 200 knots. The plane you fly on your discovery flight is up to you and your wallet, as more advanced aircraft generally cost more to rent.

5) Discovery Flight Flying Time Counts Toward Training

When trying to find the perfect gift for a pilot, a discovery flight is sure to be a well-received present. And, the time that they spend flying can even count towards their total training hours. Since a private pilot license requires a minimum of 40 training hours, they have a busy schedule ahead of them, so every little bit counts!

6) Enjoy An Aerial View Of Their Favorite Places

During a discovery flight, the participant flies several thousands of feet in the air, supplying an expansive view of the landscape below. There’s nothing quite like experiencing your favorite areas from above, whether it’s a bustling downtown skyline, miles of open country or even your own house. It’s a sight-seeing adventure that they will never forget.

7) Join In On The Fun!

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that many flight schools will allow you to join along in the fun, as space allows. A lot of flight training companies offer discovery flights in a variety of airplanes, including those with extra seats for passengers. So, not only do you get to revel in the joy that you provide to someone else, you can participate in this exciting event yourself!

Do you want to give the gift of a discovery flight?

Then take a look at the many introductory packages offered by Inflight Pilot Training. Try a discovery flight where you’ll undergo an introductory training course and get to fly an aircraft under the direction of a certified flight instructor (CFI). Experience the freedom of flight and see the world from thousands of feet off the ground – sign up for a discovery flight today.

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