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Why Choose The State Of Minnesota For Your Flight Training

Minnesota flight training programs are some of the best in the world. Whether you live in the midwest or outside the United States, the state should be worthy of your consideration as a destination for flight school. Aspiring pilots come from all around to undergo training from the countless qualified instructors throughout the state.  There are a ton of reasons to make the move to the Gopher State so you can enjoy the best flight schools in the country. From its unique topography to the low cost of living to an active community of pilots and so much more, here are a few solid reasons to choose the state of Minnesota for your flight training adventure – let’s take a look.

1)  A Variety Of Terrain

From the bustling Twin Cities skylines to the stunning scenery of the northern wilderness to the wide-open rural southern portion of the state, you’re sure to enjoy flying over the diverse terrain of Minnesota.  

About The Twin Cities

The Twin Cities are the home of two bustling urban centers – Minneapolis and St. Paul. When flying over the Twin Cities, you’ll experience not one, but two city skylines that are both stunning in their own unique way. The sights in Minneapolis, the larger of the two, include several of the tallest buildings in Minnesota, as well as impressive professional sports arenas, like the newly built Vikings Stadium, and natural scenery along St. Anthony Falls. Minnesota’s Capital, St. Paul, though smaller, is still a gorgeous skyline to view from an airplane. And, it’s one of the more unique in the entire midwest. It retains much of its old-town charm with impressive jazz-age architecture that flows around a giant bend in the Mississippi River. 

Duluth & The North Shore Of Superior

Flying north, you reach the historic river town of Duluth. This is the home stunning look-outs over the vast Lake Superior, famous breweries and restaurants, and plenty of cultural relevancy as the birthplace of Bob Dylan. It makes a great town to stop in before flying along highway 61 to experience the quintessential winter wilderness of the North Shore. While you’re there, check for events hosted by Cirrus Aircraft, an Inflight partner, and one of our favorite aircraft manufacturers – you never know if they may be putting on an airshow or product reveal. This is also a hop, skip and jump away from Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA), another protected area that has some stunning wilderness that makes for great seaplane flying. 

Other Notable Areas To Fly In Minnesota

The western side of the state near Stillwater is home to the St. Croix River, a tributary of the Mississippi River. It’s a National Scenic Riverway, under the protection of the National Park Service, and is one of the most impressive river valleys in the midwest. Searching for more? Find a variety of other fun places to fly in Minnesota and take off on a new adventure. 


2) A Wide Variety Of Flight Schools

There are a ton of quality flight schools throughout the Twin Cities and Minnesota as a whole. From Part 61 flight schools to commercial licensing programs to aviation universities and much more, you can find the right organization to fulfill your needs as a student. With a few dozen schools around the state, you’re bound to find an organization that can equip you with the proper license. View a list of flight schools in Minnesota to find a reputable team of instructors.


3) Affordability

Minnesota has a low cost of living compared to the United States as a whole. If the Gopher State is on your list of flight training destinations, know that you’re bound to save some money compared to more expensive states like New York or California. Plus, depending on the flight school you choose, they may offer transparent costs and financing options to help you keep your budget in check.


4) Minnesota Residents Have A High Quality Of Life

If you’re trying to find a place to live that has a high quality of living, you can’t do much better than Minnesota. As the state with the second-best quality of life for its residents in the country, you get such benefits as numerous educational opportunities, low crime rates, and large availability of aviation-based job opportunities. 


5) Active Community Of Pilots

Minnesota has a strong community of pilots that look out for each other. With many organizations and clubs, event happenings like fly-ins and airshows, and a number of professional networking events, you’ll be keyed into a powerful, approachable group of aviators when you choose Minnesota for flight training.

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