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Tips On Picking The Right Minneapolis Flight School

When looking for the right Minneapolis flight school, there’s a lot to consider if your goal is to become the most competent aviator in the sky. From private pilot programs that give you the freedom to travel on a whim to commercial training that allows you to pursue aviation as a career and everything in between, make sure you are equipped with the right knowledge to choose a good flight school for your needs. But, what makes a good flight school? With so many programs to choose from in Minneapolis, it helps to pinpoint key criteria, like convenience, curriculum, facilities, and aircraft fleet, in order to make a well-thought-out decision on which organization will provide you with the most success.  With that said, let’s take a look at some helpful tips on picking the right flight school in the great city of Minneapolis – here we go!

1) Choose A Flight School Location

With such a wide variety of flight schools throughout the Twin Cities, you have access to great programs at many of the area’s local airports. As such, it makes it easy to pick out the right location, maybe near your home or place of work, so you can train in a way that’s convenient to your lifestyle. There are several dozen flight schools in Minnesota, so no matter where you are, you’re bound to find an organization that can help you obtain a license.

2) Choose The Type Of Flight School In Minneapolis

When searching for flight schools in Minneapolis, there are several types to choose from. From small, local outfits that might have one or two instructors to large collegiate programs that follow a more formal approach to teaching students, you should pursue a program that suits your goals. You can choose from the more student-centered, affordable option like Part 61 or a more structured curriculum under Part 141. Additionally, there are degree opportunities through community colleges, state schools, and aviation universities alike. Or, you could always sign up for a military-based program. It simply depends on your goals as an aspiring pilot.

3) Scrutinize Their Facilities & Aircraft Fleet

The top flight schools in Minneapolis have impeccable facilities that are organized and clean. This is a direct reflection of the pride they have in their business and should be a sign as to whether or not they’re worthy of your business. This goes hand-in-hand in inspecting their fleet of aircraft – do they appear to be in good shape and well maintained? Search for a flight school with a maintenance shop on site. With a good in-house Twin Cities maintenance crew, you can rest easy knowing that their planes receive the proper care to fly safely.

4) Know About Pricing

The average price for a pilot’s license in the U.S. is around $15,000. In Minneapolis, there are schools that come well under that number, so you should always ask about pricing options upfront. For example, the cost of private pilot instruction at Inflight Pilot Training starts at under $8,300 to complete the 40-hour FAA minimum requirements. Part 141 schools or university programs can cost considerably more, depending on the organization. For example, Academy College in the Twin Cities costs nearly $40,000 per year in tuition and fees. Also, know that any reputable flight school shouldn’t ask for cash upfront or a deposit of more than 20 percent – this could hint at a poor financial structure that could cause over-paying issues down the road.

5) Talk To Other Students 

For the most accurate information about a flight school, talk to other students or pilots you meet around the hangar. They’ll provide you with more candid information than a sales representative will. If you run into a lot of negative comments about anything from instructor approach to aircraft quality to hidden fees, for example, it may be best to move onto the next school on your list. Remember to visit their website and online profiles to gain a better understanding of their reputation.

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Inflight Pilot Training is the top-rated flight school in Minneapolis and can help you achieve your goals when it comes to learning to fly. Whether you want to pursue a private pilot license, commercial certificate or become an airline pilot, we can put you on a path toward success. With a wide variety of training programs, high-quality facilities an aircraft fleet, and a deep roster of highly skilled flight instructors, we’ll help you pursue your passion for taking flight. 

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