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Tips On Choosing The Best Minnesota Flight School

Flight schools in Minnesota are some of the best in the country – specializing in every type of training from simple sport, recreation, and private pilot licenses to more complex certifications like flight instructor, advanced airline transport pilot and so much more. With such a wealth of training programs, it’s easy to see why Minnesota is a great location for your educational endeavors. Beyond world-class flight schools, there are great flight routes, a friendly attitude among the aviation community, and affordable licensing options throughout the state. With that said, let’s take a look at some ideas on how to choose the best Minnesota flight school – here we go!

1) Decide On Your Flying Goals

Do you dream of one day getting paid to charter passengers or transport cargo by way of an airliner? Are there any business problems that a private plane or corporate jet could solve? Perhaps you simply want to become a seasoned adventurer, with full control over when, where, and how you travel. Decide on your flying goals so you know which level of certification you should apply for.

2) Decide On Your Pilot Certification Type

For those who are new to the world of flight training, you’ll first need to obtain a private pilot license (PPL). This certificate gives you the opportunity to fly yourself and passengers almost anywhere. Those who have already logged flight time, or perhaps even earned a certification or rating, can move on to more advanced educational pursuits. If you want to get paid to fly, consider applying for a commercial pilot license (CPL), which allows you to interview for jobs like a regional airline pilot, air ambulance operator, crop duster, and other exciting careers.

3) Choose Your Ideal Learning Location

There are a huge number of flight schools in Minnesota, so no matter what region of the state you live in or are moving to, you can likely find a training program nearby that’s more than adequate. There are a lot of fun, active and attractive places around Minnesota, from the Twin Cities to the beautiful Northwoods and beyond – below are some of our favorite places to fly:

Bustling Big City: Minneapolis/St. Paul

Learning to fly in Minneapolis is a thrilling experience, as you get to experience an aerial view of one of the largest midwest cities, Minneapolis. From giant skyscrapers to impressive modern sports stadiums to the grand Mississippi River Valley, your jaw will drop as you soar around this bustling city. The best part? You get two for one, with St. Paul to the east sporting its own towering skyline.  

Classic Up-North: Duluth & Lake Superior

If you’re searching for the classic up-north experience, Duluth and Lake Superior is home to some of the country’s most stunning natural scenery. Flying up along highway 61 and the jagged shoreline of Superior, through Grand Marais and into Canada is a wonderful flight route, no matter what time of year you take off.

Open Great Plains Flying: Southern MN

Southern Minnesota may offer the most quintessential midwestern flying experience in the state. With a great mix of open plains, idyllic river valleys, quaint wooded areas and streams, and rolling bluffs – head out toward the farm-filled horizon for a day of peace in the cockpit.

4) Interview Instructors & Staff

The quality of a Minnesota flight school is directly reflected by the credentials, experience, and approach of its instructors and staff. When you’re considering signing up for a training program, make sure to ask about instructor expertise. Another thing to consider is the student-to-instructor ratio – do you thrive in a larger group environment or enjoy a one-on-one dynamic? Finally, find out the rate of instructor turnover and whether or not you can expect to have one instructor throughout the duration of your training or if a mix of instructors will conduct your training. Some students may not feel comfortable going up with an instructor they’ve just met.

5) Ask About Next Steps

Once you’ve decided on a flight certification and feel confident choosing a team of instructors, ask about how they can help you outside of the classroom. This may be in the form of job opportunities, networking events, plug-ins to certain aviation communities or continuing education pursuing further certifications. A flight school that churns out students like you without considering future prospects may not have your best interests at heart.

6) Understand How Much Flight School Costs

Since it’s a relatively low-cost state to live in, you get the extra benefit of paying less for flight school in Minnesota. In the United States, the average cost to obtain a PPL is $15,000. In Minnesota however, there are many local schools that come in well under this price. Twin Cities-based Inflight Pilot Training, for example, offers a private pilot training program starting at less than $8,300 for the 40-hour FAA minimum requirement. 

Are you interested in learning to fly in Minnesota?

As the best flight school in Minnesota, Inflight Pilot Training will develop a personalized training program designed around your goals. Whether you want to learn to fly for fun, business or as a career, our team of experienced, skilled CFIs will put you on a path toward success. We have an impeccable fleet of aircraft, well-maintained facilities at Flying Cloud Airport, and effective, transparent training packages – it’s no wonder people come from all around the country to train with us. 

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