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The Benefits Of Choosing Minneapolis For Flight Training

If you’re considering traveling to a destination flight school in Minneapolis, there are plenty of benefits to making the move. Not only is Minneapolis home to some of the best flight schools in the midwest, but the bustling city center of the Twin Cities and surrounding areas offer high quality of life, plenty of things to do, and exciting educational and employment opportunities for aspiring pilots. But that’s not all – let’s take a look at some of the biggest advantages of choosing the city of Minneapolis for flight training.


1) Plenty Of Flight Schools To Choose From

When it comes to flight schools in Minneapolis, there are many reputable organizations to work with. From local training centers at the many reliever airports throughout the area to formal aviation universities and everything in between, you can have your pick of the school that best meets your needs. Whether that means an impeccable fleet of aircraft, accredited certified flight instructors (CFIs), a certain level of affordability, or something else altogether, each school offers its own unique advantages.

2) Pilot Employment Opportunities 

As one of the largest cities in the midwest, there are always job opportunities for a pilot that’s looking for a new career path. Depending on your level of experience, you can find a job as a CFI at the area’s many flight schools, air ambulance support for the state’s hospitals, crop dusting for the endless amounts of farmland, and almost anything else. And, since Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is a Delta hub, there’s almost always an open interview as an airline pilot.

3) Diverse Climate

Minnesotans understand the joys of a four-season climate – the fresh feeling of spring, enjoyably mild northern summers, colorful autumns, and classic snowy wonderlands during winter. As a pilot, learning in a location with ever-changing weather is sure to make you a more experienced and competent aviator. Compared to a place with consistent weather year-round, like Florida or Texas, you’re challenged to improve your situational awareness skills when adverse weather strikes. Learn more weather-related facts about the Twin Cities that student pilots should know.

4) Exciting Terrain & Flight Routes

Downtown Minneapolis is home to some of the tallest buildings in the country. Circling the many impressive skyscrapers on your training runs is sure to be an unforgettable experience. There are also many impressive natural landmarks that are breathtaking from the sky. Plus, there are great routes along the Mississippi River through the Twin Cities, as well as other nearby natural landmarks worth a view, from the massive Lake Minnetonka to St. Croix River Valley.

5) Cirrus Headquarters

Cirrus has grown to become one of the largest producers of small airplanes in the 21st century. With the introduction of the SR-20 in 1999, featuring composite materials, an aircraft parachute system and coming in at an attractive price, the company transformed the industry and became an instant hit. The best part? They’re based in Duluth, Minnesota, and have a large presence throughout the state, including in the Twin Cities. As such, student pilots have access to official Cirrus Training Centers and  Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIPs) right in Minneapolis.

6) Plenty Of Things To Do

As the cultural hub of Minnesota, Minneapolis boasts tons of things to do after a long day in the cockpit– from famous music venues to world-class restaurants to unmatched outdoor recreation areas, you’re sure to fall in love with the Twin Cities life. Enjoy fun events year-round, from the famous State Fair in August to, Winter Carnival in January – and of course, fun airshows, fly-ins, and networking events for pilots at airports around the city.

7) Friendly Locals

“Minnesota Nice” is more than just saying. Even just a stop at the airport, you’ll be greeted with friendly, mild-mannered locals. This also applies to the CFIs that you’ll end up working with when you choose a Minneapolis flight school. You can expect to meet fellow pilots who have a sense of positivity, acceptance, and an overall great outlook on life.

8) You Can Work With The Best Flight School In MN!

While there are many flight schools in Minneapolis, Inflight Pilot Training stands out among the rest. We aren’t a stuffy academy, large corporation, or opportunistic franchise. Rather, we’re a homegrown business that gives students the best experience possible. As one of the only flight schools to specialize in fixed-wing flight training in Minneapolis, we’re the best at what we do – guaranteed!

Choose a Minneapolis flight school that helps you succeed

Inflight Pilot Training is one of the top-rated flight training services in Minneapolis and will help you achieve your goals when it comes to becoming a licensed pilot. As a certified pilot, you can enjoy unrestrained travel, uncover exciting business opportunities or start out on a new career path. It’s all possible with a call to our team of professional flight instructors. 

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