Common Maintenance Checks To Ask Your Aircraft Mechanic About This Spring

Common Maintenance

As Twin Cities aircraft maintenance professionals, we know the importance of keeping your plane in tip-top shape so that it’s safe to fly. No matter what type of pilot you are, every plane owner needs to have a smart, friendly and competent aircraft maintenance technician (AMT) on their side. And, with spring right around the corner, […]

Outcomes Of Graduating From A Professional Pilot Program

A Professional Pilot Program

Are you ready to participate in a professional pilot program? Whether you want to fly passengers on major airlines, work for the agricultural industry flying a crop plane or jet around CEOs and executives on a corporate airliner, you’ll first need to undergo the right type of training. And that type of training often comes […]

4 Items That Look Good On A Professional Pilot Program Application

Professional Pilot Program Application

If you’re searching for an exciting and rewarding career path, one that doesn’t involve sitting behind a desk or punching a clock, then becoming a pilot may be the perfect job for you. Gain the freedom to travel the world in a high-paying profession, while taking on a refreshing sense of prestige. From transporting passengers […]

Instrument Rating vs. Commercial Pilot: Which Should You Choose

Instrument Rating vs Commercial Pilot

For those who dream of getting paid to fly, you’ll need to take a step up beyond a basic private pilot license, moving to an instrument rating or a commercial pilot certification. In terms of hierarchy, most students move on to an instrument rating directly after obtaining their private certificate, although some decide to jump straight […]

What Type Of Lessons Are Covered In Pilot Ground School?

Pilot Ground School

When trying to obtain a pilot license, one aspect of your training includes pilot ground school, where you’ll “hit the books”. This portion covers important lessons that can’t be learned behind the yoke. While the act of flying is something that’s undoubtedly important to the learning process, ground school is equally as important in rounding […]