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How Much Does Flight School In Minneapolis Cost?

Flight School

For those Minnesotans who have always wanted to become a pilot, soaring through the clouds, high above the landscape below, the first step is to find a flight school in Minneapolis that offers high-quality services at a great rate. The price for a pilot license can vary wildly, so a solid budget plan will help […]

Is Pilot Ground School Required To Become Licensed?

Pilot Ground School

If you’re researching flight schools and certification options, you’ve likely come across the term, “Ground school.” This is the classroom portion of the flight training process, with the other being actual time spent behind the control wheel of an airplane. It’s an important part of turning a novice pilot into a skilled, confident aviator.  But, […]

Common Instrument Rating Limitations, Privileges & Requirements

Common Instrument Rating

The Instrument rating qualification is designed to prove a pilot’s competence flying in poor weather conditions under IFR – or instrument flight rules. Simply put, IFR applies when the visibility is too low to fly safely by visual sight alone, whether from intrusive fog, intense storms, or snowy whiteouts, for example. Rather, the pilot gets […]

Thaw Out From The Freeze: Aircraft Maintenance Checklist For Spring

Aircraft Maintenance

Believe it or not, winter is slowly coming to a close – and you know what that means: it’s time to make a visit to your mechanic for a proper aircraft maintenance checkup. The importance of thorough inspection can’t be overstated when taking the plane out of storage or out of the cold. Now is […]

Private Pilot License Requirements & Checklist

Private Pilot License

For those who’ve always dreamt of commanding their own cockpit, traveling to far-off corners of the world, and skipping the hassles of more traditional methods of travel, a private pilot license (PPL) is a worthwhile investment. A PPL is the first certification you’ll need before you’re allowed to roam the skies on your own. With […]

The Top Cirrus Training Centers In Minnesota

Top Cirrus Training

A Cirrus Training Center (CTC) is a flight school that’s been certified to supply specialized training in high-performance Cirrus airplanes. As a wide-reaching network, there are CTCs all around the country and throughout the world. The instructors who provide this specialized training and operate out of CTCs are known as CSIPs – or, Cirrus Standardized […]

Benefits Of Learning To Fly At A Certified Cirrus Training Center

Certified Cirrus Training Center

Those pilots who want to make the transition from lack-luster aircraft to the best small airplanes in the world should consider signing up at a flight school that’s an authorized Cirrus Training Center (CTC).  While traditional manufacturers like Cessna and Piper have conventionally dominated the small airplane market, that’s no longer the case. Once a […]

7 Steps To Take To Prepare For Pilot Training In Minnesota

Pilot Training In Minnesota

Pilot training in Minnesota is for the bold, the brave, and the adventurous – and it’s an all-around fantastic state where future captains-of-the-air should consider starting their flight training journey. Whether you live or work in Minnesota, or are considering making the move here, there are several steps you can take in order to make […]