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How To Choose A Twin Cities Aircraft Maintenance Crew

Aircraft Maintenance Crew

If you’re searching for the best Twin Cities aircraft maintenance crew that can diagnose and solve all your mechanical woes, there are a few things to consider before handing over the keys to your plane. Not only do you want to work with a team that’s experienced, knowledgeable and friendly, but one that works as […]

Cozy Up For Cold: Aircraft Maintenance Checklist For The Winter

Aircraft Maintenance

Proper aircraft maintenance is an essential component of being a safe, competent pilot. Now that winter is upon us, it’s time to take care of a few maintenance tasks to ensure your airplane is ready to withstand the cold weather.  So, the inspection begins – use the following steps and checklist to make sure your […]

10 Questions To Ask Before You Sign Up At A Minneapolis Flight School

Minneapolis Flight School

Are you searching for a reputable Minneapolis flight school? If you’ve dreamed of taking to the skies, setting out toward the horizon in a private plane, the first step is to find the right group of instructors willing to help you successfully become certified. It’s important that you choose a flight school that caters to […]

12 Reasons Why Private Pilots Should Get An Instrument Rating

Instrument Rating

An instrument rating is often the next advancement after obtaining your private pilot license. This rating gives you the chance to fly by way of the cockpit instruments, so you can operate during low-visibility weather conditions. It’s an ideal opportunity for private pilots to nurture their growing aviation abilities and gain even more freedom in […]

Private Pilot Ground School Requirements

Pilot Ground School

Pilot ground school is an essential part of any student pilot’s training. In addition to flight training, you’ll need to undergo more traditional classroom work that teaches you the principles of being a competent aviator. If you’re getting ready to start flying lessons, here are some things you should know about ground school – let’s […]

How Fast Can I Get My Pilot License In Minnesota?

Pilot License Minnesota

If you’ve always wanted to fly, and are ready to get started immediately, you may be wondering how quickly you can complete the Minnesota flight training process. After all, you likely want to spend your time actually flying to your favorite destinations, versus going to school. Thankfully, the timeline until you become a certified pilot […]

How Many Hours Do I Need To Fly For A Twin Cities Pilot License?

Twin Cities Pilot License

When it comes to obtaining a Twin Cities pilot license, you may be wondering how many hours you need until you’re officially certified and can set out on your own. Well, good news – within just a few weeks, you can be certified as a private pilot and fly yourself to prime destinations throughout the […]