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The Biggest Drawbacks Of Choosing An Out-Of-State Flight School

There are great flight schools all around the country. So, you may be inclined to pick a training center that’s out of state. But first, consider some of the many drawbacks that could hinder your success at certification with this approach. From navigating over uncertain terrain to making a big life change to maximizing your budget and so much more — there’s a lot to consider before signing up for lessons. With that in mind, here are the biggest drawbacks of choosing an out-of-state flight school. Let’s take a look.

Navigating Unfamiliar Terrain

When learning to fly over unfamiliar terrain, you may find it more difficult to properly learn navigation skills. On the other hand, learning at a flight school nearby, you’ll have the advantage of already being familiar with the local landmarks, towns and even airports. Plus, imagine how exciting it will be to get an aerial view of local landmarks and other scenery that you normally only see from the ground.

Uprooting Your Life

Choosing a flight school that’s too far away may simply not make logistical sense for some people. If you don’t have much tying you down to your current living situation, then you could potentially make the move and start a new life wherever your desired flight school is located. But, if you’ve already set roots down, a local flight school may be more ideal. Many local flight schools can provide just as good or even better services than larger programs throughout the country.

Flight Instructors Who Don’t “Speak Your Language”

If you’re someone who wants to find a personal connection with your instructors or other faculty members, it’s key that you find a relatable certified flight instructor (CFI) to work with. For example, if you’re used to the hustle and bustle of the upper east coast, and you choose to learn to fly somewhere more laidback like southern California, you may find the differences in personality a bit jarring. All of this just takes away from your focus on the important lessons you need to learn to become a successful aviator.

Cost Differences Of A Flight School Near Me

When you’re researching flight schools, a local school is almost always going to be more affordable than the out-of-state alternative. You save money on everything from hotels to expensive moves to long commutes, while saving time and energy on keeping everything close to home. Plus, if you’re looking at a program through a university or college, for example, you’ll likely have added expenses paying for tuition, aircraft rental, books and administration fees. On the other hand, most local flight schools partake in Part 61 flight training, a much more affordable alternative to a university program.

Eventually, You’ll Be Able To Fly Wherever

At the end of the day, once you’re certified, you’ll be able to fly wherever you want. So, if you’re considering a destination flight school versus a flight school near you, you won’t have much to worry about after graduation – you can simply hop in the plane and be almost anywhere in the country in a few hours. In other words, just because a flight school may be located somewhere desirable doesn’t mean that should be your only criteria for choosing it.

For A Career As A Pilot, Any State Will Do

If you’re starting flying lessons in order to navigate down a new career path, it doesn’t matter what state you get your license in, you can still hunt for jobs anywhere in the country. In fact, the states with the most open pilot positions may surprise you. They include Oregon, Alabama, Minnesota, Iowa and New Mexico.  

Am I ready to enroll at a flight school near me?

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